Why are there advertisements at WeAreCousins?

It is a very good question and thus let me answer it. As many of you know I started this blog as a way to share my family genealogy and history with others doing the same or similar research. I also wanted to create a place where I could meet other people with the same interests and so far I believe that these goals have been meet. I have enjoyed posting articles every day and have meet many great people along the way and hope to meet even more as I continue this journey. I have also behind the scenes helped many doing research in this area and it feels great when you get those thank-you emails. 

This blog has also pushed me to continue to research my family and also made me realize that if I am going to post something I better be certain that it is true and I thank those of you that have pointed out some errors in my research and upon further evaluation, I have continued on the right path.

I am grateful for all those faithful readers out there since without you, your comments, and emails I don’t think I could have kept this blog going this far.

Don’t think that I have forgotten about the advertisements, well the answer is simple the registration for the domain name and a separate hosting plan that I associate with this blog are pretty soon going to be up for renewal. There that is the reason, since I figured what the heck let me use Amazon.com to try and cover those costs. So please keep in mind if you are going to buy anything at Amazon.com click on any link in this website and I will get a little amount from every purchase you make with them. I think it is a great deal, you get to buy what you want and at the same time help support this blog. For example:  Genealogy Products at Amazon.com 

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