Dead and Injured Soldiers in 1844 Battle Against Comanche Indians In La Salada, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I was going through the Mier church death records when I came across these images. The first two make a list of the dead and injured soldiers and civil militia from Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. At least that is what I think from what I can read on the list, not sure if these where all the dead and injured since they fought against a group of well over 400 Comanche Indians (Leal, pg 17) or only the ones from Mier. The second is of the Church record where the dead members of the church are listed and listed are their wives names also.
Leal mentions in his book La Palmita Muerte Sobre las Lomas that this group of Comanche Indians left over 80 people dead in the small town of La Palmita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and took the rest of the women and children captive. Civil and Military forces were mobilized and on October 16, they rescued over 61 captives from the Comanches (Leal pg 18, 19, 20).
List of Death and Injured:

Church Record of the Death:

Leal, Armando Rios. La Palmita Muerte Sobre las Lomas

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