Mier in History, Mier en la Historia – Antonio Maria Guerra

It is with great joy that I introduce to you the following book. I say joy since it is an excellent book written by a local historian using only facts. It is a book about a town, Mier, who I clearly remember as a child when I would accompany my father on business trips. I loved playing in its plaza and would admire its church and its towering tower. I never knew the role that that town had played in the lives of its people and its surrounding communities for well over 250 years, and much less the role that it played between the Unites States and Mexico’s relations. That is until I read this book. In the following weeks I will be extracting historical and genealogical information contained in this great book, in order to get more people interested in it and also since it indicates where the original materials can be found.



MIER IN HISTORY, A Translation and Reprint of MIER EN LA HISTORIA by Antonio Ma. Guerra, 1953
This book is a translation of a commemorative history of Mier written in celebration of 200th anniversary of the town’s founding. Spanish version included. Contains a profusion of names of early families. 

Available at:
Edinburg Public Library Borrow for free
Border Lands Book Store $50.00
WorldCat Look for Library

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