I have done it!! So far So Good.

As I mentioned before, I had bought Family Tree Maker Deluxe but was kind of alien to me. After a couple of days it has started to grow on me. I just thought and let you all know about it. Also I would like to get any tips on using it or hear how this software has helped you guys out. I currently started my Family Tree again from scratch, with the golden rule being never add anyone without at least one citation. I started with my kids and will work all the way back until supporting documentation allows it. I have not dumped Family Tree Builder since it will be my research/leads database. Now back to talking about the software.

What I like.

The main feature that I like is that I can create my own facts and manage them and attach any type of media to them.

What I do not like.

Unfortunately, what I do not like so far is that I have to crop my images to make them portrait like to assign them to that person. I don’t know if I am explaining my self correctly or not but I expected something like Family Tree Builder where you could select several faces out of one picture. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

I hope I don’t give up on it.

If you are interested you can buy it here too.

If you have Family Tree Maker let me know how it is working for you int he comments section of this post.

2 thoughts on “I have done it!! So far So Good.

  1. Barbara Schenck

    I use FTM 2012 also, and I know you can add the same photo to several people by adding the photo to your media collection and then choosing “new” and then “link to person” for all the people in the photo. I don’t know, though, that there is a way to draw a rectangle around a particular person’s face and select that face to go with the particular photo. (Or am I just making things more confusing?)

    I did use a program once that was, I think, called Memory Miner, and it would allow you to select faces in a photo and link to the photo from lots of different people. It wasn’t specifically a genealogy program, though, as I recall. At least it didn’t save family trees. It was more of a photo organizer.

    Good luck with FTM. It seems pretty good to me. Not much different than 2011 since I don’t use the sync function to the online trees.

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