Names and Photos of 1974 Graduating Class of Rio Grande City Texas

I noticed a few days ago that The Portal To Texas History had recently added a lot of issues of the Rio Grande City Herald.  I thought to my self, lets do a quick search. I entered my father in laws name Heraclio Perez and on the first result I found a picture of him as well as all of the graduates of the Rio Grande City High School Class of 1974. This is the link to the high quality images. Rio Grande City High School Class of 1974. I took the time to transcribe all the names and post them here. Happy browsing!

Patrick T. Rusell

Javier A. Saenz



First Row: 1. Nora Bella Acevedo, 2. Jose Luis Adame, 3. Jaime M. Alvarez, 4. Celia Alverde, 5. Jorge Arrellano, Second Row: 6. Ismelda Balderas, 7. Minerva Barba, 8. Diana Amador, 9. Diana E. Barrera, 10. Roxanne & Jose Maria Barrera, Third Row: 11. Oneida Barrientos, 12. Demencio Bazan Jr., 13. Jose T. Bazan Jr., 14. Praxedis Bazan Jr., 15. Rosalia Bazan, Fourth Row: 16. Francisco Ybarra, 17. Pedro Villarreal, 18. Maria Irma Villarreal, 19. Jose David Villarreal, 20. Joel Villarreal


First Row: 21. Juan lino Camargo, 22. Maria Cesar Canales, 23. Celeste C. Cantu, 24. Homero Heron Carrera 25. Odilia Carrera, Second Row: 26. Idolina Carrion, 27. Gonzalo Casas Jr., 28. Maria Elena Chapa, 29. Pedro Chapa Jr., 30. John A. Clarke, Third Row: 31. Blanca E. Corona, 32. Jesus Corona, 33. Gabriel Covarrubias Jr., 34. Leticia Araceli Cruz, 35. Homero Escobar, Fourth Row: 36. Maria Olivia Vera, 37. Oscar L. Flores, 38. Roque Fuentes, 39. Cynthia Gallardo, 40. Alfredo Garcia, Fifth Row: 41. Edna Garcia, 42. Encarnacion Garcia, Sixth Row: Hector J. Garcia, 44. Marcelo Garcia

First Row: 45. Ana Maria Garza, 46. Catalina Garza, 47. Fortino Garza, 48. Gloria Maria Garza, 49. Jesus Arnulfo Garza, Second Row: 50. Jorge N. Garza, 51. Jose J. Garza, 52. Lilia Garza, 53. Luis F. Garza, 54. Melba Ileana Garza, Third Row: Romualdo Garza Jr., 56. Rosalinda Garza, 57. Maria Susana Gavilan, 58. Jorge L. Gonzalez, 59. Juan Jose Gonzalez



First Row: 60. Julian Joel Gonzalez, 61. Noe R. Gonzalez, 62. Maria Rebecca Guajardo, 63. Gilberto Alonzo Guerrero, 64. Israel Guerrero, Second Row: 65. Viola Guevara, 66. Mario A. Guillen, 67. Norma Guzman, 68. Maria Arminda Hernandez, 69. Martha Alicia Hernandez, Third Row: Druanne La Grange, 71. Leonel Estrada Leal, 72. Maria A. Leal, 73. Ricardo Leal, 74. Jose Antonio Lopez



First Row: 75. Maria amparo Mendez, 76. Francisco Javier Madrigal, 77. Ruth L. Lopez, 78. Rose AMrie Linda Lopez, Second Row: 79. Ramon lopez, 80. Magdalena Lopez, 81. Lauro Lopez, 82. Maria Antoniette Lopez, Third Row: 83. Ricky Loepz, 84. Jose Luis Lopez, 85. Frances Trevino



First Row: 86. Jose Jaime Trevino, 87. Verna Montalvo, 88. Evangelina Zamora, 89. Jose Daniel Morales, Second Row: 90. David Moreno, 91. Guadalupe Morin Jr., 92. Diana L. Muniz, 93. Maria del Rosario Munoz, Third Row: Jane E. Munsell, 95. Simon Ochoa, 96. Leslie G Olson



First Row: 102. Rosita Ozuna, Second Row: 97. Maria M. Trevino, 98. Demetrio Olivarez Jr. 99. Enrique Olivarez Jr., 100. Sylvia Rosa Olivarez, 101. Jesus Alberto Ortiz, Third Row: 103. Gregoria Pena, Fourth Row: 104. Ramona Pena, 105. Armando perez, 106. Heraclio Perez, 107. David Domingo Porras



First Row: 108. Maria Estela Reyna, 109. Elias Reyna Jr., 110. Maria del Rosario Reyes, 111. Alicia Reyes, 112. Antonio Resendez, Second Row: Dora Elvia Ramon, 114. Urbano Ramirez Jr., Third Row: 115. Noemi Ramirez, 116. Jose Guadalupe Ramirez, 117. Andrea alma Ramirez, 118. Gilberto w. Ramey, Fourth Row: 119. Diana Vela



First Row: 120. Elena Vela, 121. Rosana Laura Rex, 122. Amalia Rivera, 123. Norma Alicia Rivera, 124. Delia Rocha, 125. Rebecca Rodriguez, Second Row: Rosa Rodriguez, 129. Adriana Silva, Third Row: 127. Sandra L. Rodriguez, 128. Filiberto Garza Sepulveda, 130. Gilda Solis




First Row: 131. Elizabeth Vela, 132. Maria Gilma Solis, Second Row: 133. Viola Solis, 134. Armelinda L. Sosa, 135. Ana Laura Saenz, 136. Eduardo Saenz, Third Row: 137. Jaime H. Salinas, 138. Rita A. Salinas, 139. Maria Celeste Sanchez, Fourth Row: 140. Maria T. Tijerina, Fifth Row: 141. Tomasita Tijerina




Trejo, Raul, editor. Rio Grande Herald (Rio Grande City, Tex.), Vol. 32, No. 30, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 16, 1974, Newspaper, May 16, 1974; digital images, ( : accessed December 21, 2011), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting RGPL, [No City Listed], Texas.

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