1923 Marriage Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following images are of the index of the marriages that took place in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 1923. Following the images you can find a transcript of them for easier searching and also easier browsing.

Cut out of original images:

FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Los Aldamas > Matrimonios 1909-1923

Marriages for 1923 
I have transcribed the names in the above document and have matched each couple to make it easier to search for them. 

Number           Page    Male                                        Female
12                    16        Salinas, Antonio                      Tanguma, Guadalupe
13                    20        Garcia, Apolonio                     Rios, Rafaela
18                    28        Salinas, Benigno                     Salinas, Maria
4                      6          Trevino, Catarina                    Guerra, Cesarea
8                      11        Trevino, Emeterio                   Garcia, Martina
15                    22        Garza, Espiridion                    Garcia, Felipa
16                    22        Ramirez, Francisco                  Guerra, Juana
19                    29        Martinez, Felipe                      Garza, Josefa
6                      8          Aguilar, Gumercindo              Salinas, Eufemia
10                    14        Lozano, Guadalupe                 Pena, Maria
29                    41        Leal, Guadalupe                      Pena, Maria E.
28                    39        Alanis, Hipolito                       Narela, Margarita
7                      10        Lopez, Jose                             Alanis, Guadalupe
11                    15        Alanis, Jesus                            Alanis, Elisa
22                    31        Salinas, Jose                            Pena, Ynes
25                    37        Flores, Jose Maria                   Pena, Leonides
21                    30        Vasquez, Luis                         Garcia, Jesusa
27                    38        Garza, Luis                              Cantu, Beatriz
2                      3          Garza, Nazario                        Rios, Paula
3                      5          Loepz, Narciso                        Alanis, Martina
23                    32        Lopez, Pablo                           Garza, Conrada
24                    33        Lopez, Panfilo                         Salinas, Gullerma
26                    37        Manzanares, Pablo                  Carillo, Josefa
30                    44        Rios, Pablo                              Rios, Catarina
1                      3          Lopez, Roberto                       Salinas, Olivia
14                    21        Guerra, Regino                        Garza, Concepcion
20                    29        Garza, Regino                         Salinas, Eulalia
5                      7          Leal, Trinidad                         Salinas, Ramona
9                      13        Salinas, Trinidad                     Rios, Ernestina
17                    23        Zarate, Tomas                         Garcia, Juana

Source: FamilySearch

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