Podcast Manager for Your Genealogy Podcasts

What It Is

Let me tell you a bout a tool that I like and use a lot. It is Gpodder a  free podcast aggregator that can download both audio and video podcasts. It can also play them and keep track of them. The description on their we site is:

gPodder — simple, usable podcast consumptionDownload free audio and video content (“podcasts”) from the Internet and watch it on your computer or on the go. – http://gpodder.org/

How I Use It

As you can guess I use it to download genealogy podcasts and also other podcast that are of interest to me. The software comes in a zip file and once you unzip it just click on the file named gpodder.exe and the program will start. For a user manual and how to tweak gpodder please visit their Wiki Page.

Available Genealogy Podcasts

If you know of any other great genealogy podcasts please leave me their address in the comments, I’ll be glad to check them out.

Screen Shot of Gpodder in Action

Gpodder.net – https://gpodder.net/

What is neat about gpodder is that it can be used with gpodder.net a free service to help you track your podcasts which you have subscribed on your devices, desktop computer, notebook, mobile devices, etc. Whenever you change computers or use another computer once you install gpodder you can enter the username and password created at gpodder.net and it will automatically sync your subscriptions. By Using this website you can also search a directory of available podcasts and also subscribe to them.

Other Devices

You can also configure gpodder to synchronize to your devises and keep track of listened podcasts. I use this all the time with my android phone.

If you don’t have a podcast manager give this one a try and you never know you might have just had found what you were looking for.

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