Los Herreras

Apuntes Genealogicos Familia Tijerina China, General Bravo, Dr. Coss y Los Herreras

If your last name happens to be Tijerina or you are researching the Tijerina family from the area of China, General Bravo, Dr. Coss, and Los Herreras Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Then this book is for you.

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra – 1891 Baptism in Los Herrera, Nuevo Leon, Mexicos

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra is my great-grandmother through my fathers maternal side. The following is the image of her baptism followed by it’s transcription. She was baptized in Los Herreras, Nuevo Leon, Mexico on the 16th of February of 1891. The document indicates that she was born on June 17, 1890 and that her parents […]