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Genealogía, Historia y Otras Cosas de Nuevo León

I am always on the look out for new resources that may be of benefit to anyone doing Genealogy Research about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico and today I want to share with you one of those resources. Continue reading

Website, History and Genealogy of South Texas and Northeast Mexico

When I started to do Genealogy research and also look into South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy I always came across Guillermo Guerra’s Website  at It contains alot of information about South Texas, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Cohuila. I highly recommend that everyone interested in this area check it out.

The only problem that I have noticed is that he has not updated it since 2004, but most of the information is timeless and still very relevant.

Here are some quick links for his website:

South Texas
Nuevo Leon
Guillermo Guerra’s Personal Family Database

Have fun browsing this great resource.

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Ensure Your Blogger or WordPress Blog Gets Listed Appropriately in Google by Using Sitemaps

What good is it to have a Genealogy or Family History Blog if it does not get listed appropriately in Google. Yes I am aware that there are other search engines but for today let us just focus on Google since it accounts at least for more than 50% of all searches. Let me just be clear about this, creating a site map for your blogger (blogspot) or wordpress blog does not guarantee that every single post gets listed in Google. A site map does help Google index your blog posts appropriately. Also be aware that I tried to do this post with the most up to date and complete information and if anyone knows something different let us know on the comments.

First Thing is First

You need to sign up for Google Web Master Tools and once that has been done you will need click the red button that labeled “ADD A SITE” and enter your blogs address. Once your website appears like the image on the left click on the link right of the thumbnail. This will take you to the Dashboard for your blog.


Once on the Dashboard go to Site Configuration > Sitemaps. Then you will see a button labeled “Submit a Sitemap” click it and then you will be prompted to enter your sitemap’s address. Enter the following exactly as it appears without the quotes “/feed/“.

Final URL should look like this “” or “http://yourdomainname/feed/”

Finally, if you had previously signed up for Google Web Master Tools and a sitemap address appears with the following “/feed/” at the end.


South Texas Resources at Linkpendium

Linkpendium Logo

I recently read about Linkpendium on Google + and was amazed at the wealth of Genealogical information that can be found by using them. They also have a state by state search engine that will let you search up to 2,648,502 pages of free genealogical data with a single query. Give it a try it is very useful to anyone doing Genealogical Research or research for Family History. If you want more information Continue reading

Danny Villarreal’s Website – A Hispanic Genealogy Treasure

Danny Villarreal’s website is another treasure for Hispanic genealogy and the most complete resource when it comes down to researching the Villarreal Surname, but don’t be deceived. Many people may turn it’s back quickly thinking “I don’t have Villarreal ancestors what am I doing here?”. Danny’s website will not disappoint you he has an extensive database of over 11,000 individuals and most of them are from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

Screen Shot of Website:

Danny Villarreal Website.JPG

In His Own Words:

The Villarreal surname is a Noble and very old surname its lineage is very well extended throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula. There are several different casas solares in Aragon, Castilla, Pais Vasco y La Rioja. There were only a handful of Villarreal families that entered the New World during and after the conquest. There is also a large concentration of this surname in Argentina. This web page is an attempt to document all of these men and women so that all with this surname can have a starting or ending point for your ancestral search. Y-DNA testing has helped us determine which family group we belong to. The most dominat family group is the Northern Mexico and Southwestern USA family. This area has the largest surname population even larger than Spain. This groups common ancestor is Diego de Villarreal. This family may be related to the Villarreal family from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Saltilo, Durango and Monterrey, Mexico. Only DNA testing of people from Mexico will verify this. – Danny Villarreal

In my own experience using this website is that I have found countless ancestors and also the citations to find the original documents to support my research. Give it a try search for your ancestors and you will find them. Good luck and happy hunting, enjoy.

Raul Longoria’s Website

A Great Resource for South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy

For all of you who may barely be getting their feet wet into their own family genealogy and or family history, here is another great resource that I have used many times over and over again.

The resource that I want to make you aware of is Raul Longoria’s Website

In my own opinion I believe it to be one of the greatest resources for Mexican American Genealogy when it comes to the South Texas and Northestern Mexican Genealogy.

Most entries in Raul N. Longoria’s website have citations to where he got the information from, thus providing the researcher with precious leads to original documents or more great resources.

This is how he describes his website:

Many of us with deep family roots in South Texas have found that we are part of a very large extended family; you may find some of your own ancestors here. – Raul N. Longoria

Did I mention that he has thousands of names in his database and most of them are form South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. Go ahead and check it out. It will not be long before you find your ancestors listed there.

My only hope is that Mr. Longoria continues to make this great resource available to all of us.

Once again here is the link to his website:

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John Wilmot’s Genealogy Notebook

There are not many South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy blogs out there and coming across one is pretty exciting.

If you have not done so yet I highly recommend that you check John Wilmot’s Blog JOHN WILMOT’S GENEALOGY NOTEBOOK.

Mr. Wilmot describes his blog as:

This blog was created simply to share the many notes and documents I gather in the course of my personal research, much of which turns out to be unrelated to my own ancestry. Since they would otherwise be sitting in a file folder, I’m hoping that posting them here instead will help others along.

Mr. Wilmot’s blog has posts about family and ancestors from the the following South Texas Counties:

  • Cameron Co., TX
  • Hidalgo Co., TX
  • Starr Co., TX

He also has posts about family and ancestors with the following last names:

  • Cano
  • Gamboa
  • General Teran, NL
  • Martinez
  • Rendon
  • Reyes
  • Rios
  • Rodriguez
  • Ruiz
  • Salazar
  • Serda
  • Serna
  • Valdez
  • Valenzuela
  • Villareal
  • Zamora

Northeastern towns or cities mentioned on his blog:

  • Burgos, Tamps.
  • General Teran, NL
  • Montemorelos, NL
  • Monterrey, NL

I just hope that you do visit his blog since you never know you may just find your relatives. Once again you can visit his blog Here:  JOHN WILMOT’S GENEALOGY NOTEBOOK.