Mier Porciones-Land Grants on the Northern Side of the Rio Grande

When doing genealogy research we some times try to put our ancestors live’s into perspective but some times our research leads us to documents that help us do that. About a year ago I came across this book titled “Anales y Testimonios Del Cantaro”. You can read more about this book in my previous post here. The authors’s main focus in writing this book was to preserve the important archives of present day Ciudad Mier.

Among the pages of this book I came across a very important list and that was the list of the people that received land grants in the jurisdiction of La Villa de Mier in 1767. On a previous post “Map of Mier Land Grants on the Mexican Side and Names of People Awarded To” I only focused on the recipients south of the Rio Grande since you can practically not find that list anywhere else. Now this post is the second part listing all the land grant recipients on the North side of the river. I have also included Mary Jo Galindo’s map so that you may be able to put the lsit into context as to where the land grant may have been.

Mary Jo Galindo’s Map of Land Grants for the Mier Jurisdiction:

List of Land Grant Recipients on the North Side of the Rio Grande River:

55. Juan Antonio Leal
56. Juan Pantaleon
57. Lazaro Vela
58. Joaquin Chapa
59. Juan de Dios Garcia
60. Blas Farias
61. Maria BArtola
62. Joaquin Garcia Pena
63. Ignacio Gutierrez
64. Jose Cruz
65. Antonio Garcia
66. Francisco Guerra
67. Antonio Ramirez
68. Diego de Hinojosa
69. Antonio SAnchez son of Lugarda Solis
70. Joaquin Salinas
71. Juan Salinas
72. Juan Angel Saenz
73. Miguel Saenz
74. Geronimo Saenz
75. Florencio Gonzalez
76. F. MiguelAntonio Ramirez husband of Maria Rita Lopez
77. Juan Benavides
78. Francisco de la Garza


  • Perez, Octavio Herrera “Anales y Testimonios del CAntaro” 1986 Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas Pages 115, 116, 117
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