How Lights Came To South Texas, South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 6

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This is the 6th issue in Volume one of the South Texas History magazine published by the Jim Hogg County Enterprise, published on May 29, 2013. As i have mentioned before If you are interested in Hebbronville, surrounding communities, and its genealogy you definitely have to check this issue out.

I also highly recommend that you check out the story of J.T. Canales. Part 3 of four is within the pages of this issue. I hope that on a latter post I can get to have links to all of the parts of the J.T. Canales and the Texas Ranger Investigation.

Cover to South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 6

Features Mentioned in the Cover:

  • How Lights Came to South Texas

The Articles that You Can Find Inside are:

  1. How Lights Came to South Texas
  2. J.T. Canales and the 1919 Ranger Investigation
  3. 100 Years Celebration: The First National Bank of Hebbronville
  4. A cowboy’s Unusual Dental Work
  5. Muy Grande Village
  6. & More

Read South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 6

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