Capilla De La Mission De Roma Marriages 1853 to 1869 (Present day Roma, Texas)

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On September the 23rd I received an email from Gregory Hernandez letting me know about his book Capilla de la Mission de Roma Marriages 1853 to 1869. This book covers the marriages that occurred in this church from March 4, 1853 thru April 15, 1869. I know  that this book will be of great interest to any one whose family used to reside in Roma or it’s surroundings during this time frame.

Cover of Book:

This book was written by Gregory Hernandez and Gloria Hernandez. Published in 2012 as a paper-bound journal with 158 pages.

It includes an index, description of church records, list of priests who served at the church, church history and history of the Oblate fathers. Included is also a list of cemeteries in the region.

If interested you can buy this book from the Los Bexareños Genealogical And Historical Society out of San Antonio Texas and it has a price of $30.00.

You can get more information and order it at Losbexarenos or if you prefer you can buy it from Borderlands Book store but it is listed for $50.00.

Thanks Gregory for making me aware of this great resource for our genealogical research.

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