Monte Christo Historical Marker, Hidalgo County, Texas

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The following are photos and the transcription of the Monte Christo historical marker located on Conway Rd and Monte Christo Rd just north of Mission Texas. I pass through this marker about twice per month and finally decided to take some pictures and share them with you. I wonder how many of our ancestors heard about this town maybe they even visited it.

The Monte Christo Historical Marker:

Transcription of above Historical Marker:

Texas Historical Commission

Site of Monte Cristo (2.5 Mi. North)

One of the towns that sprang up in the Rio Grande Valley in the early 20th century, Monte Christo was platted in 1909 by the Melado Land Co. among the first settlers were Otto Woods (1882 – 1956, who managed the townsite, and Virgil Lott (1878 – 1960), who published a newspaper called “The Hustler”. At its height, Monte Christo had a bank, school, railroad station, cotton gin, two hotels, and a population of 1500. Residents began to move away during the bandit raids of 1914-16. Others left when the water supply proved inadequate. By 1934 Monte Christo wa a ghost town. (1985)

More Photos:

If you have any stories or know anything else about this historical town site please let me know. You can always share them with everyone. Also if you have any pictures please share them with us.

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