Governors of the Province of Nuevo Reino de Leon Present Day Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Many of our ancestors lived in the Spanish province of Nuevo Reino de Leon and some even helped forge it with their own resources and hard work, as it is the case with my ancestor Diego de Montemayor and his son Diego de Montemayor (el Mozo). El Nuevo Reino de Leon is now present day Nuevo Leon, Mexico and was named after a province in Spain. It was designated as a province in 1580.

The following is a list of all governors of El Nuevo Reino de Leon up until 1810 when Mexico started it’s fight for independence.

This list also contains links to Wikipidia pages about each individual mentioned. I hope that this helps out a bit if one of your ancestors happens to be mentioned here.

Governors of El Nuevo Reino de Leon Covering 1580 to 1810

      1. Luis Carvajal y de la Cueva, 1580–1588
      2. Diego de Montemayor, 1588–1610
      3. Diego de Montemayor (el mozo), 1610–1611
      4. Martín de Zavala, 1612–1664
      5. León de Alza, 1665–1667
      6. Nicolás de Azcárraga, 1667–1676
      7. Domingo de Prudena, 1676–1681
      8. Blas de la Garza y Falcón, 1681
      9. Domingo de Videgaray y Zarza, 1681
      10. Antonio de Echevérez y Subiza, 1684–1687
      11. Pedro Fernández de la Ventosa, 1688–1693
      12. Juan Pérez de Merino, 1693–1698
      13. Juan Francisco de Vergara y Mendoza 1698–1703
      14. Francisco Báez Treviño, 1703–1705
      15. Gregorio de Salinas Verona, 1705–1707
      16. Cipriano García de Pruneda, 1707–1708
      17. Luis García de Pruneda 1708–1710
      18. Francisco Mier y Torre, 1710–1714
      19. Francisco Báez Treviño 1714–1718
      20. Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón 1718
      21. Francisco de Barbadillo y Victoria, 1719–1723
      22. Juan José de Arriaga y Brambila, 1723–1725
      23. Pedro de Sarabia Cortés, 1725–1729
      24. Bernardino de Meneses Monroy y Mendoza, 1730–1731
      25. Juan Antonio Fernández de Jáuregui y Urrutia, 1731–1740
      26. Pedro del Barrio Junco y Espriella, 1740–1746
      27. Vicente Bueno de Borbolla, 1746–1751
      28. Pedro del Barrio Junco y Espriella, 1752–1757
      29. Juan Manuel Muñoz de Villavicencio, 1757–1762
      30. Carlos de Velasco, 1762–1764
      31. Ignacio Ussel y Guimbarda, 1764–1772
      32. Francisco de Echegaray, 1772–1773
      33. Melchor Vidal de Lorca y Villena, 1773
      34. Vicente González de Santianes, 1773–1788
      35. Manuel Bahamonde y Villamil, 1788–1795
      36. Simón de Herrera y Leyva, 1795–1810

Map of Nuevo Reino de Leon:

Map from Wikipidia


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