Willacy County Records on Microfilm at The University of Texas Pan American

UTPAbroncsThe following are all the records that are microfilmed and available at the University of Texas Pan American in regards to Willacy County Texas. You can see the entry at the UTPA Library Catalog.

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.
Description 12 reels


2363359 Death record, 1921-1933; Death certificates, 1929-1944

2363706 Death certificates, 1939, 1944-1951

2363811 Death certificates, 1951-1971

2363812 Death certificates, 1971-1977; Marriage record index A-Z, 1921-1931; Marriage record vol. 1, 1921-1931; vol. 2, 1931-1935; vol. 3, 1935-1938; vol. 4-partial, 1938-1941

2363813 Marriage record vol. 4-continued, 1938-1941; vol. 5, 1941-1944; vol. 6, 1944-1947; vol. 7, 1947-1950

2363976 Probate minutes index, 1921-1952; Probate minutes vol. 1, 1921-1930; vol. 2, 1929-1935; Discharge record vol. 1-partial, 1944-1946

2363977 Discharge record vol. 1-continued, 1944-1946; Discharge record vol. 2, 1945-1947; Superintendent of Schools scholastic census: Sebastian CSD (A-Y), 1941; Lasara ISD (A-Z), 1940-1946; Lyford ISD (A-Guzman) (white)-partial, 1939

2364183 Scholastic census: Lyford ISD, 1939-1945

2364184 Scholastic census: Lyford ISD, 1945-1946; Raymondville ISD (A-W), 1931; San Perlita CSD (A-Y), 1939; Santa Margarita ISD, 1931-1942

2364185 Scholastic census: Santa Margarita ISD, 1942-1946; Sebastian CSD, 1932-1939

2364255 Scholastic census: Sebastian CSD, 1932-1946

2364256 Scholastic census: Willimar ISD, 1932-1946; El Sauz ISD, 1941-1946

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