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Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the First Texas Republic

I received the following email from Dan Arellano, Author/Historian and President Battle of Medina Society. If you live in San Antonio, surrounding cities, or will be there on April the 6th 2013 check this out.

Battle of Medina Society

Protect, Preserve, Promote Tejano History

The 200th Anniversary of the First Republic of Texas

Join us as we celebrate with music, songs and lectures!

The 200th anniversary of the founding of the First Constitutional Government of Texas will be celebrated on Saturday April 6th 2013 at 10 AM at the Spanish Governors Palace in San Antonio.

On August 7th 1812 Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara and Augustus Magee cross the Sabine River flying the Emerald Green Flag of Liberty; and it would fly over Texas for a year and 11 days. On April 6th 1813, after a year of bloody warfare Gutierrez de Lara declared our independence. This was a real revolution, a revolution of the people, by the people and for the people.

Short lived it may have been, never the less Texas was a Republic with a written Declaration of Independence and a written Constitution.

Scheduled to speak will be City Councilman Carlton Soules, Judge Bob Perkins, Historian Robert Thonhoff, Dr Gilberto Hinojosa and other dignitaries. There will be a special guest appearance by Little Joe from La Familia. Bill Millet PBS Documentarian will present “Texas before the Alamo,” which will premiere in Austin May 4th at the ESB Mexican American Cultural Center. This documentary is scheduled to air on PBS late Fall 2013.

Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our ancestors who fought and died in order to be free. Music provided by Los Tejano Cantantes and Eve Wallace singing songs of the 1800”s.This will be a historical and educational event with authors and historians as speakers. The event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring lawn chairs.

Dan Arellano Author/Historian
President Battle of Medina Society
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Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision

“Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision” is another great resource for those of us doing research on our ancestors from Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico or the surrounding area.

Cover to “Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision”:

Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 - 1913 Grooms Second Revision.JPG

This book contains the Camargo, Nuevo Santander marriage records from 1764 to 1821 and the Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico records from 1821 to 1913. It also includes other marraige records obtained and archived in Mrs. Minerva Overstreeets Collcetion. They were also extracted and compiled from the Nuestra Senora de Santa Anna Catholic Parish Records of Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico by SAGA


Where to read or buy this book:

The University of Texas Pan American has a copy in their catalog that can be checked out.

You might also want to search WorldCat for a library near you that may have this book.

Finally you can buy it from SAGA off their website at:

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1929 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1929 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1929 Mier Marriages pg 69mod1.jpg 1929 Mier Marriages pg 69mod2.jpg 1929 Mier Marriages pg 69mod3.jpg

 Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 – Mier – Matrimonios 1919-1927

Transcription of above images:

Folio		A						Numero de Acta
9	Antonio Ramirez Otero	y	Estifacia Ramos 		7
12	Alfredo Hinojosa	y	Maria Garza			10
13	Armando Barrera 	y	Rebeca Garcia			11
18	Alfonso Garza		y	Paula Rendon			15
20	Amando Montalvo 	y	Alicia Pena			17
50	Benigno Amaro		y	Rigis F Garza			46
37	Clemente Guerra 	y	Catarina Martinez		53
36	Felix Valdes		y	Genoveva Rios			22
35	Fernando de la Garza	y	Sofia Bazan			31
42	Francisco Hinojosa	y	Francisca Barrera		38
47	Francisco Botello	y	Bruna Medellia			43
14	Gerardo Ramirez 	y 	Ygnacia Ayala			12
19	Hipolito Ochoa		y	Agapita Valenzuela		16
28	Hilario Cortez		y	Francisca Barrera		24
49	Ildefonso Canales	y	Santos Barrera			45
7	Julian Moya		y	Hermila Cantu			6
25	Jesus Garcia		y 	Maria Angelita Chapa		21
27	Juan Ramos		y 	Felipa Gonzalez 		23
36	Jesus Garcia		y	Eusebia de Leon 		32

41	Jose Maria Trevino	y	Agapita Chavez  		37
46	Jacinto Ramirez		y	Ofelia Marroquin		42
48	Julio Garza		y	Jesusa Sandoval 		44
5	Luis Garcia		y	Luisa Gonzalez			4
10	Lazaro Silva		y	Gumecinda Villarreal		9
24	Leopoldo Guerra 	y	Elida Ybanez			20
44	Leopoldo Garcia 	y	Ercilia Olivo			40
2	Manuel Villarreal	y	Gabriela Mena			1
10	Martin Garza		y	Jova Saenz			8
30	Martimiano Chapa	y	Paula Ybarra			26
31	Manuel Ancira		y	Alicia Garcia			27
45	Manuel Tello		y	Eloisa Vela			41
34	Manuel Barrera		y	Bernarda Guerra 		30
17	Nestor Cantu		y	Luisa Barrera			14
32	Odie M. Jones		y 	Eva Hobey Bryant		28
3	Pedro Guerra		y	Apolonia Garza			2
23	Pilar Mendez		y	Maria Encarnacion Rodriguez 	19
33	Pedro Garcia		y	Concepcion Gonzalez		29
15	Reynaldo Martinez	y	Ramona Gonzalez 		13
43	Reynaldo Pena		y	Felicitas Trevino		39
4	Salome Rodriguez	y	Isabel Cazares			3
38	Sostenes Hinojosa	y	Domitila Hinojosa		34
39	Simon Rodriguez [?]	y	Felisa Alvares			35
6	Tiburcio Ramirez	y	Felipa Gonzalez	        	 5
21	Trinidad Castillo	y	Ana Ysabel Hinojosa		18
29	William Hary Cass	y	Alma Phobe Archambault  	35
40	Zaragoza Barrera	y	Donitila Hinojosa		36

Volume Three of Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Just wanted to let you know that I received earlier today the following email by Crispin Rendon.


This email is going out to everyone in my genealogy address book. There is no need to respond.

I have posted another volume online. Find a link below.

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Three

This week, while doing research for additional Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon volumes, I came across something I had never seen before. I would like to share it with you here in a narrative form.

Maria Antonia Juana Flores Abrego was baptized on July 17, 1821 in Santiago, Nuevo Leon.

She was the oldest of three born to Pedro Flores Abrego and Maria Gertrudis Vallejo.

Pedro had been married before to Maria Josefa Lopez. Maria Gertrudis had seven children from her earlier marriage to Trinidad Prieto. After the death of Pedro, Maria Gertrudis marries a third time to Jose Angel Martinez and had a daughter with him.

This is where the story returns to Maria Antonia Juana Flores Abrego.  Five months after her mother Maria Gertrudis Vallejo dies, Maria Antonia (age 18) marries her Step-father Jose Angel Martinez. They had been granted a dispensation to marry.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon


The Genealogy Legacy and Contribution of Jose Felipe Pena

Jose Felipe de La Pena will be a name that you will run into many times if you are researching the families of Ciudad Guerrero/Revilla, Mier, or Zapata county. His legacy to this areas genealogy research is immense with 20 books. He was an active genealogist and honored with the title of “Hidalgo” by the Bexar County Historical Commission for his contribution to family history in South Texas. Continue reading

1878 Death Index of China, Nuevo Leon, mexico

The following is the image and transcription to the 1878 Death Index of China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Cut out of original image:

1878 China Nuevo Leon Mexico Death Index.jpg

 See Original Image

Transcript of above image:

Indece Alfabetico de los fallecidos
habidas en esta Villa y su Jurisdicion

Nombres de los fallecidos		Pagina
4	Ayala Blas			2
8	Avila Valentin			3
13	Avila Brigida			4
9	Chapa Josefa			3
2	Garcia Alejandra		2
8	Garza	Emilia			2
14	Gonzalez Jose Maria		4
17	Gonzalez Juan			4
22	Hernandez Laurenciana		6
7	Perez Marcial			3
20	Pacheco Felipa			5
1	Reyes Antonio			2
5	Rodriguez Nicolasa		2
11	Rodriguez Francisco		3
18	Rodriguez Juan			5
19	Ramirez Santos			5
21	Ramirez Perfecto		6
15	[?] felix			4
10	Torres Alejandra		3
6	Tames Cristoval 		2
16	Valdemar Felipe 		4
12	Zapata Luz			4

Son copias sacadas de su original que certifico China Enero 31 de 1879
Jesus S. Rodriguez