1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1915 Mier Marriages pg 297_cropped 1915 Mier Marriages pg 298_cropped
Transcription of above images:
Numo. Yndice
Actas				Numero de fojas
7	Alfredo Sandoval		4	Ofelia Garza
11	Avelino Guerra			6	Rafael Ramirez
16	Albino Ramirez			9	Ricarda Saenz
24	Alfredo Saenz			13	Yrene Hinojosa
28	Asuncion Reyes		        15	Quirina Olivo
55	Ascencio Garcia		        30	Dolores Martinez
12	Donaciano Perez		        6	Ma. Florentina Garcia
35	Estanislao Gomez		19	Ygnacio Garcia
8	Evaristo Gonzalez		4	Delfina Gonzalez
40	Emilio Molina			22	Tomasa Garcia
65	Eustacio Salinas		35	Victoria Garza
21	Felix Barrera			12	Fidela Garza
34	Febranio Canales		18	Encarnacion Garza
37	Felix [?]			28	Matiana Lopez
38	Guillermo Alaniz		21	Guadalupe Solis
3	Jasinto Vasquez		        2	Juana Gonzalez
31	Jesus Garcia Lopez		17	Francisca Garcia
37	Jose Zambrano			32	Felicitas Fuentes
20	Leocadio Hinojosa		11	Manuela Hinojosa
26	Marcela Alanis			14	Estefana Flores
46	Manuel Aguilar			26	Balbina Garcia
44	Severo Garza			25	Tomasa Vela
51	Santana Garcia			29	Santos Gonzalez
1	Silvano Torrez Gracia		1	Guillerma Guerra
17	Teodoro Torrez		        16	Mauricia Vela
64	Zeferino Pena			35	Manuela Barrera
C. Mier a 31 de Diciembre de 1915
El Juez Civil = Jose Barrera Guerra
Source: FamilySearch

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