Manuel Angel Rios and Manuela Rodriguez’s 1779 Marriage in San Mateo, Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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The following is the image and transcription of the 1779 marriage of my 5th great grandparents Manuel Angel Rios and Manuela Rodriguez. He was the son of Francisco Rios and Maria Rossa. Manuela’s parents were Salvador Rodriguez and Gertrudis Perez. I have yet to find any of their grandparents.

Cut out of original image:

Transcription of above image:

Manuel espanol con Manuela espanola 16 

En la Yga, Parrocheal, del Valle del Pilon en Dies y ocho de Mayo de mil Setesientos y 9 y haviendo procedido todas las Diligencias dispuestas Por el Sto, Concilio de trento. Y a monestado en tres Dias Festivos Yntermisuara Solemnia, que lo fueron. el dias tres el dia diez y el dies i siete de cual los proclamas. no ahviendo resultado ympedimento alguno, case y vele ymfancie Ecclasie a Manuel Rios espanil originario y vecino del Valle de la Mota hijo lexmo de Franco. Rios y de Maria Rossa ya defuntos, Con Manuela Rodriguez, espanila originaria y vesina de este Valle, hija lexma de Salvador Rodriguez y de Gertrudis Peres. ya DefuntosSnor Ramon Martnes. y Maria Vega testigos a la celebracion del matrimonio Dn. Juachin Guzman. y Dn. Ygnacio Garcia De esta y para que conste lo firme =  

Br. Fran Xavier Barboza

Source: FamilySearch

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  • Marina

    I found the marriage records of Francisco Rios and Maria de la Rosa Rendon in Cadereyta N.L. They were married on Nov 22, 1745. Francisco’s parents were Cristobal Rios and Ana de Leon and Maria Rosa’s parents were Juan Rendon and Maria Josefa Vegas. Hope it helps.

    • Moises Garza

      Thank you for the information. Is this also your family?

    • Marina

      My maternal grandparents were from Cong. Arcabuz,Tamps….Zacarias Garza and Flora Garza…I have been researching on and off for more than 14 years.

      • Moises Garza

        Let me know if we can trade family trees very interested in whom you may have in your family since I have also been researching Arcabuz for the past 12 years.



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