by Moises Garza

April 27, 2021

1766 Baptism of Maria Balvina de la Garza
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the April 25, 1766 baptism of Maria Balvina de la Garza who was baptized in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Her parents are Jose Francisco Angel de la Garza and Maria Cayetana Peña. The record does not mention how old she was but I entered bef. April 25, 1766 for her birth date.

This record is very important since it mentions that she was born in "el Arcabus" which is present day Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In my opinion this is the earliest mention of it in any record.

It is also important to not that the witnesses are her paternal grandmother Maria Felipa de Servera and her second husband Jose Vela.

As you can see in the record, her name is Maria Albina but many other records mention her as Maria Balbina.

She grows up to marry Juan Jose Mateo Gonzalez and down below you can find the link to that record.

Transcription of 

Ma. Albi
na. de
el Arca

En Veinte y sinco de Abril de Sets. Noventa y Seis As. Bapti
ze Solemte. puse oleos, y Chrisma a Maria Albina
hija legma. de Franco. Angl. de la Garza, y de Ma. Cayetana
Peña: fueron sus Padrinos Jph Vela y Phpa Selbera. Y pa
qe conste lo firme. = Fr. Manl. de Meza
y Buen Año

If she is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to her in the comments of this blog post.

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  • Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico Baptismal, Church Register 1764-1786 (, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Img. 34.

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  1. Wow!! I just was just adding her into my family tree tonight when I saw your post!! Her father is a direct ancestor of mine as follows:

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a dilemma in which I found a major mistake in my maternal family line. Apparently my g-g-grandfather Candelario Guerra was actually Candelario de la Garza (married to Maria Dionicia Riojas).

    Candelario was the son of Jose Miquel de la Garza & Maria Juliana Ramirez.

    Jose Miquel was the son of Jose Marcelino de la Garza & Maria Francisca Saenz.

    And, as you know Jose Francisco Angel de la Garza & Maria Cayetana Pena are the parents of Maria Balvina de la Garza. Not sure if that makes us "primos" but I hope so!

    BTW I was in the RGV last week. I flew down from Chicago and included a side trip to see "Fronton" in Starr County for myself. My mother remembers going there every once in while to visit Tios and Tias there and swimming at La Hacha. I took photos of almost all of the grave stones there for my own reference and hope to one day meet you and get you to sign some of the books I have acquired from you.

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