Get a Hard Drive in the Cloud: Online Storage for your Genealogy Research

boxnetlogoWhat if the files you need are on your laptop, but you’re on the road with your iPhone or Android device? With the following service, you store files online and then access them anywhere, anytime, on any device. Having a back up plan for your Genealogy research and files should be one of your main priorities. You  should always have them stored in a secure location in the cloud.

The website I want to let you know about is since they offer you the following:

You Get 5 GB for Free and Lets you Organize All Your Files Into Folders

You can upload your Genealogy database as well as family photos and any other document that you can imagine.

View and Access Files on Demand

Box also provides you with anytime, anywhere access to your files from any device whether you’re in Texas or anywhere in the world.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

The best thing about this free service is that it offers you peace of mind knowing that all your important files and Genealogy database are safe.

Share Your Files Easily 

You can also share files very easily with anyone.

I have been using box for well over one year and it has never failed me. They also provide software for your computer that will sync your files on the fly as you place them in your desktops Box folder.

To take advantage of this great Free Service just go to and sign up for your free account. Once you sign up for their free personal account make sure to download their Box Sync for Windows software and install it. Also make sure to install their app in your Iphone or Android device. This way you will always have your Genealogy files on hand from anywhere.

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