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1836 Military Sketch of Fort San Antonio Del Balero, Called The Alamo

In the search for my ancestors I came across this document that I know for sure will interest family historians, genealogists, and Texas historians. It is the military sketch of Fort San Antonio Del Balero also called El Alamo and to us in present day “The Alamo”. The sketch was probably done on the same or few days after the battle for The Alamo that took place on March 6, 1836. It was drawn by Colonel Jose Juan Sanchez. He also included the actual military operations that took place on that day.

Bellow you will find the sketch and also the military operations taken by the Mexican military of that time under the command of President of Mexico and General Antonio de Santa Ana. I split the original image into two for better viewing on this blog. I have also included a transcription of the military operations and also included the English translation by Google with no fixes. At the very end of the post you will find the link to the original image in case that you may be interested to download it. Continue reading