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Email From Welester, Board Members for the Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon

Hi, I have been meaning to share the following email that I received from Welester a few weeks ago. Continue reading

Sociedad De Genealogia De Nuevo Leon – Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon

smallphotoI would like to thank Lester Alvarado for making me aware of the Sociedad De Genealogia De Nuevo Leon (Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon) and the great project that some of it’s members are working on. The following is a description of their project and more information about the Society From last year’s treasurer Lester Alvarado.

The SOCIEDAD DE GENEALOGIA DE NUEVO LEON is a group of about 60 or so members. We have monthly meetings where we don’t do any genealogy per say. What we do is have guests who have some form of presentation of a book that they have authored or a theme mostly related to genealogy or history of Nuevo Leon and sometimes of the other two states that I mentioned, Tamaulipas and Coahuila . We have a president, treasurer and a secretary of which I was last year.  The new president this year is Dr. Luis Cavazos Guzman.

I also belong to a more personal group of genealogist who get together once a month at a friends house. There we actually do research on our genealogy. We are currently working on a project of APPELLIDOS EN COMUNE . www.apellidosnorestenses.org . We are starting  with the first founders and going from there. Just about all the members are from the Sociedad de Genealogia de Nuevo Leon .


If anyone needs to contact Lester please let me know and I will ask if I can give you his email. If you visit their website just click on apellidos and browse from there. You can also search by last name and name. This is a great resource and I am sure you will find your ancestors in their database. The value of their project is immense and I appreciate that Lester shared it with us.