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FamilySearch's Cellphone and Tablet App’s Cellphone and Tablet App

This is the eighth article in our series Going Digital With Genealogy. In this post I will provide you with information about FamilySearch’s Android app. As I mentioned in the past post “Carry Your Family Tree With You” the FamilySearch app will basically help you carry your tree with you anywhere. By now you should have had […]

Carry Your Family Tree With You

Carry Your Family Tree With You

This is the sixth article in our series Going Digital With Genealogy. In this post I will provide you with a list of Android and IOS Apps to help you carry your family tree with you. Now days everyone has a smart phone or a tablet with them at all times. Thus, did you know […]

Your First Report-Book with Family Tree Maker

Your First Report/Book with Family Tree Maker

This is the fifth article in our series Going Digital With Genealogy. In this post I will show you how I create reports using Family Tree Maker. I talk about Family Tree maker since it is the Software that I have been using since 2012. Even though you may be using another program I highly […]

Manage Your Family Tree With Genealogy 1

Manage Your Family Tree With Software

The first thing that you need to do to go digital with your genealogy research is to find a genealogy program to organize your family tree. Genealogy programs will also let you add any documents or photos that you may find about your ancestors. Not to mention it will also, if you chose the correct […]

Ancestry App for Android – How I am Using It

By now I am pretty sure that almost if not all of you have heard about the Ancestry App for android is out. If I am not mistaken it was released on December 21st. I had previously played with it on a friends Ipad but had heard that it was limited to only 10,000 names, if true […]

Free Software to Help You Transcribe Your Genealogy Records

Transcribing records for your Genealogy research is  a must and I know that at one point you will have to do it, and that is why I am writing this post. I want to let you know about the program that I personally use. I had already briefly mentioned this piece of software on an […]

Another Great Tool for your Genealogy Research

An invaluable tool when doing my Genealogy Research is a piece of software called “Search” it is made by Sandman Software. Their websites description is: Searches text files for strings and combination of strings. Has useful or / and / and not search combinations, and can also use regular expressions. New in version 3, is the built-in viewer / […]

5 Free Genealogy Database Software

Free is always good, specially if your budget does not allow you to buy things that you absolutely don’t need. With being the proud father of a toddler and a baby on diapers, there is not much extra left over. Here are a five programs that won’t cost a penny unless you want the extras […]