De Leon Book

DE LEON: Defunciones de Montemorelos 1774 – 1800 by Juan Jesus de Leon

Juan Jesus de Leon has completed the second book in his project. Here it is for you to download and enjoy. Don’t forget to drop by the We Are Cousins Facebook community to say thanks to Juan. Juan thank you for letting me share it with our awesome community. eBook Cover: Get Your Own Copy […]

Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan DIego Gonzalez

Apuntes Genealogicos Del Capitan Diego Gonzalez

Captain Diego Gonzalez was my 8th great grandfather. I was pleasantly surprised to find a book about him in my local university’s library. The book is titled “Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan Diego Gonzalez” in English it basically translates to Genealogical Writings about Captain Diego Gonzalez. This book was written by Leticia E, Montemayor back in 1997 […]

DEfunsiones de Montemorelos 1714-1774 Personas con Apellido de Leon; Familiares, Esclavos y Sirvientes de Estos

Defunsiones de Montemorelos 1714-1774 Personas con Apellido de Leon; Familiares, Esclavos y Sirvientes de Estos

This is a great resource made by Juan Jesus de Leon. He made this resource for his own genealogical research and asked me to share it with you in the hopes that it might also help you in case you are researching the De Leon last name in the Montemorelos area. Here are some words […]

Baptisms of the Cathedral of Monterrey, nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume I 1667 - 1677

Baptisms of The Cathedral of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume I (November 10, 1667 – December 31, 1677)

I was recently conducting research on an ancestor of mine and found a citation that mentioned this book “Baptisms of The Cathedral of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume I (November 10, 1667 – December 31, 1677)”. I promptly went to the Library page for the University of Texas Pan American and searched to see if […]

The First Texas Independence 1813

The First Texas Independence, 1813

How much do you know about Texas? This book will provide you with a chapter of Texas history that is not thought in schools. You will learn about the struggles of the first Tejanos to seek independence for themselves and their posterity. I found out about this book when I received an email form it’s […]

San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Church Baptismals 1731 – 1812

I came across the San Fernando Church Baptismals covering 1731 to 1812 a couple of weeks ago. I know that many of the We Are Cousins readers are from the San Antonio area and many of them have very deep roots in Texas going back to the first families whom settled this area. I had […]

Satarr Conection

Starr Connection “Descendants of Marcos Alonso de la Garza Y Arcon to Jesus Lopez”

Family histories and genealogical charts or reports are a great resource for all of us trying to find our roots and ancestry. David Moreno has contributed greatly in helping others either through his website or his cemetery projects.  In October I was researching a family in Starr county and came across an eBook. After close […]

Diccionario Biografico de Nuevo Leon – Biography of Blas de la Garza

Israel Cavazos Garza has played an integral part in my genealogical research. His books are invaluable and contain a wealth of information. I recently found a book of his on my local university library that is simply treasure. Let me explain why. This book “Diccionario Biografico de nuevo Leon” contains hundreds of biographies of people […]

Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Eleven by Crispin Rendon

I just want to make you aware that Crispin Rendon just released yesterday his 11th eBook on his series “Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico”. This is a treasure and I highly recommend that you download it. This Volume 11 is comprised of marriages that took place from 1788 to 1823. Make sure and to read the […]

The Genealogy of Edna Garza Brown

For the past few years I had been coming across various works of Edna Garza Brown. Recently I came across a book Titled “The Genealogy of Edna Garza Brown”. I know that it will be of interest to you specially if you have traced your ancestry all the way back to Juan Bautista Chapa. This […]