1837 Baptism of Jose Martin Garza Garcia, Mier Tamaulipas Mexico

The following image is of the baptism of Jose Martin Garza in February 9, 1837 which took place in the church of Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It lists as place of birth Rancho Santa Teresa and his parents as listed as Rafael Garza and Ramona Garcia. It also states that he was 11 days old, thus one can conclude that he was born on Jan 30 1837.

Cut out of original image:

Original image can be found at; FamilySearch > Mexico, Catholic Church Records > Tamaulipas > MierInmaculada Concepción (Mier, Tamaulipas) > Indice de Bautismos 1819-1874

Transcript of above image:

N. 25 Jose Martine Del Rancho de Sta Teresa

En esta Parroquia de la Villa de Mier a los nueve dias del mes de Jose MartinFebo. de mil ochocientos Treinta y siete. Yo el Presbto D. J. Ponciano de del RanchoLaurequi: Cura into. de Esta Villa, Bautize solemnemente puse los de Sta Teresa stos oleos y sagrado Crisma a Jose Martin de Once dias h. l. de Rafael Garza y de Ramona Garcia Fueron Padrinos Juan Lo-pes Y Franca. Lopes, Y para que conste lo firme.

Fr. Ponciano de Laurequi

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