Pedro Marroquin

Photo Of Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra Circa 1950

Many of you already know that my Garza’s were originally from Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico and about a year ago I came across a facebook page titled “Yo Tambien Soy de Arcabuz Tamaulipas“. I followed that page until the administrators moved it to Facebook Groups and titled it “Yo tambien soy de Arcabuz“. From time to […]

Pedro Marroquin Perez, Maria Amalia Gonzalez, and Children

Pedro Marroquin Perez (my great-grandfather) was born on Aug. 28, 1880 in Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on Sep. 6, 1979.  He was the son of Jose Angel Marroquin and Maria Francisca Perez (my great-grandmother). He married Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra on Aug. 27, 1912 in Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Maria Amalia, daughter […]