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Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla: A 250-Year Historical Perspective with Emphasis on Ancient Guerrero, its People and Its Land Grants

If you have traced your ancestors back to Revilla then this book is a must have for your genealogical information. Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla: A 250-Year Historical Perspective with Emphasis on Ancient Guerrero, its People and Its Land Grants is a 388 page book written by Jose M. Pena back in 2006.

This book is packed with colonial and local history. It is full of genealogical information and even includes many family trees.  The author did an excellent job in this masterful book. Allot of land grant information is also presented in this book.

Inherit the Dust From The Four Winds of Revilla

This book is available at and this is the book description that they provide:

“Rich in period analysis, here is fascinating historical perspective covering 250 years of existence primarily of a 1750 Spanish settlement originally called “Villa del Señor San Ignacio de Loyola de Revilla” and now known as “Guerrero Viejo.” Although many books cover the genealogical aspects of families that originated in this city, the historical contributions of the early pioneers, their descendents, and the controversy related to land grants, called “Porciones” — awarded by the King of Spain — have, for the most part, remained in the background. This, then, is the principal objective of this book. The book provides summaries on the evolution, history, wars, and problems of Mexico. Using some of his ancestors as a sample, the author shows the hardships they endured and discusses their contribution in the formation of the two great nations that the United States and Mexico have become.

At the same time, the book shows that the land grants (and heirs) took one of two alternate roads — depending on their location — when Texas and other territories were ceded to the United States. People and land grants located on the Mexican side were victims of the violent and blood soaked history that Mexico has had. On the other hand, those located on the U.S. side, were subjected to mischief and flagrant violations of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Sadly, in 1953, the Falcon Dam inundated Guerrero Viejo and many of the land grants.

Thus, for all intents and purposes, the heirs of most land grants met the same end and a financial obligation (of $193.0 Million plus interest) exchanged between the U.S. and Mexico has remained unpaid for over 80 years. The reader will long-remember the amazing facts developed in this book.”

This is the Book Cover of the Book “Inherit the Dust form the Four Winds of Revilla”:

The following are the contents of the book so that you may get an idea of what to expect to find within the pages of this book.

Book Contents:

Ackltowledgments ……………………………………………………………………………. 7
Chapter 1: Introduction …………………………………………………………………… 9
Chapter 2: Mexico’s Evolution and the Spaniard’s Conquest …………… 17
Chapter 3: First Two Hundred Years After Conquest ……………………….. 44
Chapter 4: Parade of Ancestors and Families ………………………………….. 51
Chapter 5: Establishment of Revilla and Other Settlements ……………. 60
Chapter 6: Degree of Conversion of the Indian Nations ………………….. 70
Chapter 7: Land Grants of Revilla ……………………………………………………. 87
Chapter 8: Life in Revilla and Guerrero …………………………………………… 109
Chapter 9: Prologue to a Violent Mexican History …………………………… 130
Chapter 10: Mexico’s Independence from Spain …………………………….. 132
Chapter 11: The Indian Attacks against the Settlements …………………. 143
Chapter 12: The Loss of Texas and Other Territories ……………………… 162
Chapter 13: Mexico’s Restoration ………………………………………………….. 185
Chapter 14: Mexico’s Porfiriato ……………………………………………………… 200
Chapter 15: Mexico’s Revolution ……………………………………………………. 210
Chapter 16: Mexico’s Postrevolution ……………………………………………… 228
Chapter 17: Mexico’s Recent History ……………………………………………… 239

Most of the family trees are listed in Chapter Four but there are even more in the APPENDICES that start on page 319.

The following are the one page family trees in the Appendices:

  • General Pedro Elizondo de Paredes and Maria de la Garza Renteria
  • Vicente Garcia and Maria Josefa Gertrudis Elizondo
  • Jose de Jesus Pena Nagas and Maria Guadalupe Garcia Elizondo
  • Juan Jose Baez Benavides Ochoa and Maria Guadalupe Garcia vda. de Pena
  • Cristobal Javier Baez de Benavides and Margarita Ochoa
  • Jose de Jesus Benavides and Matiana Benavides
  • Jose Bernardo Benavides and Maria Manuela Palacios
  • Bartolome de Lizarraras y Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez
  • Geronimo Garcia Vela and Felicita Benavides
  • Jose Felipe de Jesus Vela and Maria Ana Gertrudis Benavides
  • Pedro Vela and Maria Gertrudis de Lizarraz y Cuellar
  • Antonio Pena and Antonia Narcisa Vela
  • Jose Francisco Garcia and Maria Maxima Trevino
  • Jose Tomas Garcia Trevino and Maria del Refugio Martinez
  • Jose Ignacio de Jesus Garcia Martinez and Maria Ignacia Vela
  • Jesus Maria Garcia Benavides and Antonia Pena
  • Jose Maria Pena Cavazos and Hortencia Garcia de Pena
  • Francisco Javier Pena and Maria Antonia de Nagas
  • Jose Manuel Santiago Pena and Maria Gertrudis Recio
  • Cristobal Recio Soberon and Maria Antonia Dolores Salinas Pena
  • Manuel Pena (widower of Maria Gertrudis Recio) and Cayetana Pena
  • Jose Joachin Pena and MAria Guadalupe Saldivar
  • Jose Jesus (de la) Pena Vela and Maria del Jesus Vela
  • Jose Maria Pena Vela (widower of Josefa Villarreal) and Ruperta Cavazos Serna
  • Jose Maria Pana Vela and Josefa Villarreal
  • Felipe Cavazos and Eufemia Serna
  • Jose Maria Pena Garcia III and Pauline Aguilar

Where to Obtain Your Own Copy:

Where to Borrow a Copy:

  • UTPA – University of Texas Special Collections (View Availability)
  • – Find it in a library near you (Find now).

Using Civilian Records for Genealogical Research in the National Archives

Have you ever wondered what documents does the United States National Archives have that can help you locate your ancestors? This PDF document might just have the answer for you. It is a 63 page document describing the Civilian Records that they have in their possession and might be of help to you in your genealogical research. I know that for me researching the National Archives is out of the question due to my location but you never know. Maybe one day you or I get to go over and do some digging around.

This PDF book was written back in 2006 and might also provide valuable clues as to what to search on the website of the National Archives. Just thinking out loud, since I have yet to do such search myself. You never know maybe these collections are available online, for sure the border crossings are and also the censuses, at This booklet will give you an idea of how to use them or what you can expect to find in those collections.

As usually, the link to download this free eBook is at the very end of the post. Before you go there here is a bit more information about this eBook.

Here is the cover of the eBook:

Using Civilian Records For Genealogical Research in The National Archives

In case that you are wondering here is a listing of what you can expect to find in this eBook:

Genealogical Research

Before Visiting the National Archives
Using the National Archives
Finding Aids

Federal Census 

Population Census Schedules
Soundex Indexes
Soundex Coding Guide
Enumeration District Maps
Nonpopulation Census Schedules, 1850–80


U.S. Customs Service
Immigration and Naturalization
East Coast Ports
Gulf Coast Ports
Mexican Border Crossings
Pacific Coast Ports
Canadian Border Crossings
Alien Files
Arrival Records and Crew Lists, 1957–82
Chinese Exclusion, 1882–1943


Passport Applications 

Visa Applications,1914–40 

Seamen’s Protection Certificates 

Public Land 

Civilian Employees 

Official Register of the United States
Application, Recommendation, and
Appointment Records
Official Personnel Files

Residents of the District of Columbia

American Indians 

African Americans 

Federal Censuses
Southern Claims Commission
Freedman’s Savings and Trust

War Relocation Authority

Japanese Internments

American Overseas Territories 

Where to Find Vital Statistics 

National Archives Online 

National Archives Regional Facilities 

Contacting the National Archives 


You can download this free eBook using the following link:

I hope that you find this resource useful and or informative. Let me know in the comments section what you think about it and or how this might help you out in your research.

1721 Church Marriage of Juan Garcia de Pruneda and Maria Gertrudis Garcia Guerra in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

 The following is the 1721 marriage of my 8th great grandparents Juan Garcia de Pruneda and Maria Gertrudis Garcia Guerra. They married back in February 2, 1721 in what is now Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Garmendia Leal and Crispin Rendon have Identified the parents of  Juan Garcia de Pruneda as Luis Garcia Pruneda and Juana de Leon. The parents of Maria Gertrudis Garcia are Antonio Garcia de Sosa and Nicolasa de la Garza Falcon. I hope this post helps you out in your research.

Cut out of Original Image:

Marriage of Juan Garcia de pruneda and Gertrudis Garcia Guerra

View Original Image at

Transcription of Above Image:

Dn. Jan. Garzia de Pruneda Con Da. Gertrudis Garcia

En dos de febrero de mil setecientos, y veinte, y uno en, esta parroquial de esta ciudad casse, y vele infacie ecclecie, segun horden de nra Sta Madre y Casse a Dn Juan Garzia de Pruneda Con Da Gertrudis Garzia: fueron testigos: Da Joseph de Urrutia. El General Dn Nicolas de Va[?]dale, y Dn. Joseph de Hoyos. Se leyeron los banos a 12: [?] 26. de febrero y para que conste lo firme

Joseph Galban

Children of Juan Garcia Pruneda and Maria Gertrudis Garcia Guerra

The following where compiled by Crispin Rendon.

  1. Santiago GARCIA PRUNEDA. He married (1) on 9 Nov 1744 in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico Maria Josefa Dolores RODRIGUEZ, christened 3 Apr 1729 in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, daughter of Joseph Santiago RODRIGUEZ and Maria Teresa TORO; (2) on 24 Oct 1756 in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico Juana Antonia FLORES, christened 7 Dec 1738 in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, daughter of Miguel FLORES ABREGO and Francisca Javiera BARRERA.
    Juan Angel GARCIA PRUNEDA.
  2. Joaquin GARCIA (my 7th great grandfather), died 25 Sep 1771 in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He married Isabel Juana GUAJARDO, christened 1 Nov 1699 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, daughter of Alferez Joseph MARTINEZ GUAJARDO and Margarita GUTIERREZ.
  3. Luis Antonio GARCIA PRUNEDA. He married on 24 Aug 1757 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria AGUIRRE, daughter of Josefa GALINDO.
  4. Maria Rita GARCIA PRUNEDA. She married Joseph Ignacio TREVINO, born 1734, son of Capitan Joseph TREVINO and Maria Josefa LEAL LEON.
  5. Maria Luisa GARCIA.
  6. Maria Josefa GARCIA.
  7. Dolores GARCIA.
  8. Juana Manuela GARCIA.


  • FamilySearch
  • Garmendia Leal, Guillermo, “Alonso de Leon sus Descendientes” Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1993 Pg. 7 of Family Tree.
  • Rendon, Crispin D. “Ancestors of Moises Garza” February 9, 2014 Pg.

Herencia Mestena Un Reencuentro con la historia del rancho San Rafael de las Tortillas Guerrero, Tamaulipas

 Some time back this book was posted at the We Are Cousins group “Herencia Mestena Un Reencuentro con la historia del rancho San Rafael de las Tortillas Guerrero, Tamaulipas”. I did not think much about it since I had not come across any genealogical information about my family in regards to this ranch/town.

Months latter while talking to my uncle Adolfo Garza he told me that after he graduated as a teacher in Ciudad Victoria his first job was at El Rancho de las Tortilla. He stated that it was back in the 1970’s and that he was there teaching for about four years. He also mentioned that he loved the community and that at the time there where over 60 families. This conversation reminded me of the book and thus I found it at my local library. It contained a list of teachers but I did not find my uncle listed there. It seems that he was left out and have no idea why.

If you have any ties to this ranch I highly recommend this book to you. It is full of history and also genealogical information. The family tree starts with Jacinto de la Pena (1694 – 1734) and Ana Maria Guajardo Gutierrrez de Castro (1698 – 1769).

Image of partial cover of book “Herencia Mestena Un Reencuentro con la historia del rancho San Rafael de las Tortillas Guerrero, Tamaulipas”:

The book includes the Following contents:


Capitulo Primero

  • La Cuenca del Rio Salado

Capitulo Segundo

  • Los Primeros Habitantes

Capitulo Tercero

  • Las Fundaciones

1. Primeros lntentos
2. Los Reales de Minas
3. La Colonizacion en Tamaulipas
4. Estancias Ganaderas
5. Las Misiones o Doctrinas
6. Los Presidios
7. Las Ventas o Estancias

Capitulo Cuarto

  • La Fundacion de la Villa de Revilla

Capitulo Quinto

  • La Mision y la Iglesia

Capitulo Sexto

  • Al Ranchito de mis Suenos

Capitulo Septima

  • El Origen de los Terrenos

Capitulo Octavo

  • Una Pagina Regional en la Historia de la Independencia

Capitulo Noveno

  • Aquellos Tiempos!
  • La Fiesta Principal
  • Los Maestros de la Escuela del Rancho
  • Las Bodas
  • La Elaboracion de Colchas
  • Los Caminos y las Veredas
  • Las Procesiones
  • Las Enfermedades
  • El Luto
  • Mi Tio Rafaelito
  • Notas Curiosas

Capitulo Decimo

  • Los Arboles Genealogicos
  • Bibliografia

The only unfortunate thing is that this book is very rare and if not available for sale. The only way that I was able to read it was by borrowing it from my local university.

Where to get a copy:

  • – Find book in a library near you. Check Now.

Hope that this book helps you out on your genealogical research.

1709 Church Marriage of Juan Antonio de Tamez and Catarina Rodriguez in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1709 Church marriage record of my 6th great grandparents  Juan Antonio de Tamez and Catarina Rodriguez. They got married in February 3, 1709 in Monterrey, Mexico. This document does not mention it but through other sources we have come to find out that the parents of Juan Antonio Tamez are  Juan de Tamez and Nicolasa Flores. The parents of Catarina Rodriguez are Francisco Rodriguez de Montemayor and Maria Caballero de los Olivos. Towards the bottom of this post I have also included a lsit of all their known children including my 5th great grandfather Juan Angel Tamez.

Cut out of Original Image:

View Original Image at

Transcription of Above Image:

Juan Antto de Tames Con Dna Catharina Rodriguez

En tres dias del mes de febrero demil Setecientos y nuebeanos Con licencia caso y velo el Lido. Ygnacio Martinez a Juan Antonio de Tmaez Con Dna, Catharina Rodrigues espanoles aviendo precedido las vanas a Veinte y nuebe de Diciembre a Primero y a Seis de Henero en virtud de dispoensa que dispenso el Y. ttmo Senor Arzbpo. Obpo deeste despacho Dn. Diego Camacho y Avila de tercero grado de consanguinmidad fueron testigos Joseph Rodriguez Franco. Rodriguez y Nicolas Rodriguez y porque Copnste lo firme.

Geronimo Lopez Prieto

Children of Juan Antonio Tamez and Catarina Rodriguez were as follows:

        1. Maria Catarina TAMEZ, christened 19 Dec 1709 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She married on 29 Oct 1733 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Alonso BARREDA, son of Alonso BARRERA and Marcela CARDENAS.
        2. Juana Josefa TAMEZ. She married on 14 Feb 1732 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Tadeo MARROQUIN, son of Nicolas MARROQUIN and Francisca MONTEMAYOR.
        3. Bartolome TAMEZ. He married on 16 Feb 1744 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Manuela BARRERA, daughter of Joseph BARRERA and Jacinta GONZALEZ.
        4. Maria Nicolasa TAMEZ. She married on 16 Aug 1744 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Domingo FLORES VALDEZ.
        5. Antonio Pantaleon TAMEZ. He married (1) on 13 Feb 1747 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Estefana PRIETO, daughter of Pedro PRIETO VILLELA and Francisca AGUIRRE; (2) on 16 May 1793 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Teodora SALDIVAR.
        6. vi Joseph Simon8 TAMEZ. He married about 1758 Maria Antonia ALANIS, daughter of Joseph ALANIS and Maria Teresa RODRIGUEZ MONTEMAYOR.
        7. Juan Joseph TAMEZ. He married (1) Maria Gregoria VILLARREAL; (2) on 5 Dec 1770 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Leonor MARROQUIN, christened 21 Feb 1742 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, daughter of Nicolas MARROQUIN and Maria Josefa Jesus ALANIS.
        8. Juan Angel TAMEZ (my 5th great grandfather). He married (1) on 25 Nov 1767 in Cadereyta Jimenez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Ines LEAL LEON, daughter of Francisco LEAL LEON and Maria Manuela GARZA; (2) on 15 Dec 1774 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Teresa RODRIGUEZ MONTEMAYOR, daughter of Diego MONTEMAYOR and Maria Ines TREVINO; (3) on 18 May 1787 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Juliana Rosario SALAZAR, christened 12 Jan 1758 in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, daughter of Jose Esteban SALAZAR and Maria Antonia MIRELES; (4) on 31 Oct 1789 in Guajuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Ana Maria LEAL, daughter of Jose Antonio LEAL LEON and Maria Ana PEREZ MOYA.


  • Rendon, Crispin D. “Ancestors of Moises Garza” February 9, 2014 Pg 53 – 54.

Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Nine

On August the 31st Crispin Rendon released the 9th volume in his series “Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico”. I can not stress the importance of this project. It is very valuable for all of us whom have ancestors form Coahuila. In this particular volume Mr. Rendon covers another 500 marriages that took place between January 17,89 through January 1795.

He not just presents the marriage information but also presents two generations of descendants for the couples and indicates that most non marriage information was obtained form

As is always my recommendation, make sure to download it and add it to your digital eBook library since you never know how long it will be available for download.

Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Nine by Crispin Rendon

Here is part of the email that Crispin emailed me and it includes the download link for his eBook.

I have posted another Saltillo families book.

Best Regards,
Crispin Rendon

Let me know if you find your ancestors in this volume and as I mention before make sure to download it to your collection. By the way if you get a chance thank Mr. Rendon for all his hard work and providing this amazing resource to us. Until next time.

WAC-012: Do You Have A Cavazos Connection?


Do You Have A Cavazos Connection

Play Podcast:


This episode of contains the audio of the presentation of Carlos Cantu done in June for the RGVHGS titled “Do you have a Cavazos cconnection”. Also Moises talks about the Mier Padron Project, the book about Alonso De Leon, and Transcript, a tool to help you transcribe images.
Continue reading

Descendants of Don Juan Perez de Onate and Dona Osana Martinez de Gonzalez

I recently came across a book about the descendants of my 14th great grandparents Juan Perez de Onate and Osana Martinez. It is a 189 page book that was compiled by John D. Inclan. This book contains a wealth of information and I highly recommend that you try and get a hold of it since this book has greatly helped in my Genealogy research. Its a must get book specially if Juan and Osana are also your ancestors. The title of this book is “Descendants of Don Juan Perez de Onate and Dona Osana Martinez de Gonzalez – Nueva Galicia- Nuevo Leon- New Mexico- Tamaulipas- Texas- Zacatecas 1460- 2000″.

As you can see just by the title this book contain information on families that lived in Nueva Galicia, Nuevo Leon, New Mexico, Tamaulipas, Texas, and Zacatecas covering the time periods of 1460 to the 2000’s. Make sure and check out the links of where you can obtain this book since there is a link for it online.

Image of partial cover of book”Descendants of Don Juan Perez de Onate and Dona Osana Martinez de Gonzalez”:

Where to get a copy:

  • - Find book in a library near you. Check Now.

Even though the online family tree is by the same author I am not one hundred percent sure that it contains the same information as the book.  I just hope that this book and online resource is of help to you.

1867 Baptism Record of Paula Mendoza Mireles in Ojuelos, Jalisco, Mexico

Paula Mendoza is my 2nd great grandmother whom I had been trying to find all of her grandparents. This document is her baptism record that I had previously searched for but could not locate. Turns out that it was out of place and guess what this document mentions all of her grandparents. Now the task will be to search for them and try and find more information but here is where the problem lies. I have no experience researching Jalisco and or other resources for other records other than church and civil.

Paula die from fever in April 15, 1932 in Rancho La Meca, in Tamaulipas, Mexico. You can see her civil registry death record here: Paula Mendoza Mireles – 1932 Civil Registry Death Record, Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Any primos and or primas out there related to Paula or her ancestors please contact me so that we can trade information.

Cut out of Original Image:

View Original Image at

Transcription of above image:

Sitio Paula, hija Legitima Limosna

En la Yglesia Parroquial de Ojuelos a diez y siete de Marzo de mil ochocientos sesenta y siete. Yo el C. O. Luis Tovares con licnecia del Canonico bautize solemnemente a Paula de quince diaz de nacida en el Sitio como a las diez de la noche, hija lejitima de Tiburcio Mendoza y de Lorenza Mirelez A. P. Antonio mendoza y Petra Ybarra A. M. Trinidad Mirelez y Ma. Guadalupe Villanueva Padrinos Hilario Ramirez, a quien adverti su obligascion y parentesco espiritual p. comutacion lo firme con el senor cura.

Anto Martinez Luis G. Tovares


  • FamilySearch