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Mexican Genealogy Research Online

A Guide to Help You Discover Your Ancestry 2nd Edition
Some of the Resources You Will Learn About:
  • Church and Civil Records. Learn about, and where to find, Church and Civil records on the internet. 
  • Military Records and Newspapers. Learn about the online archives kept by the Mexican Military and how newspapers can help you find your ancestors. 
  • Research From Your Own Home. You can do your research all from the comfort of your own home. Learn about the above topics and many many more.

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“The book gives very clear instructions on finding primary sources, organizing your research, and connecting with other Mexican genealogy researchers. I have done quite a bit of research, I've gone as back as far as the 1700s, but I admit that I have struggled with organizing my findings. The eBook provides specific methods on how to organize your work.”

In the Book, You Will Discover:


This book takes the beginner family historian from the basics of getting started to the more advanced topics of research. Seasoned family historians and genealogists are encouraged to jump through sections. 


Moises provides many resources and explains how he used them to find his own ancestors. And provides the reader with the links to the same resources that he used in order for you to do the same in your own research.


Many resources are mentioned throughout this book and at the end Moises organizes them in easy to find categories. This makes it very easy for the reader to find any particular resource and it's link. 


Learn to leverage the power of software to help you get organized and also to help manage your family tree. Also learn about software to help you transcribe old documents, the online websites that let you keep your family tree online and much more...

About the Author: Moises Garza

Moises Garza has been doing Mexican Genealogical Research since 1998. He has put into writing his vast knowledge and experience when it comes to finding ancestors in Mexico in his book "Mexican Genealogy Research Online: A Guide to Help You Discover Your Mexican Ancestry". He is also the creator of and We Are Cousins is a genealogy blog whose main focus is South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy and Mexican Genealogy is a blog focusing on helping you find your Mexican Ancestors. He has also been able to trace many of his own family lines in Mexico back till the 1500's.

Lots of information of resources and reference tools..Highly recommend it.

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"I was pleased with Mexican Research Online because it gives a lot of information that helps us find our family history."

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"Great Book!"

Mexican Genealogy Research Online A Guide to Help You Discover Your Ancestry 2nd Edition

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Learn in a few hours everything that it took the author years to learn. This book will provide you with a solid foundation to being able to find your Mexican Ancestors online. Practically without leaving your home.

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