New Look of We Are Cousins

I am at it again!

After a month of testing and trying out the new hosting provider for this blog, I have changed the look and also added back the social networking and forum features. Unfortunately at this moment they are closed for access. My original plans for these features have changed, but I will be providing you with more information in a future post after I do more testing.

Old Look of Website:

New Search Results at We Are Cousins.jpg

I really liked this look but unfortunately the new implementations did not allow me to use this theme.

 New Look of Website:

New Look of We Are Cousins.jpg

 From all the available themes this was the only one that I liked and thought that you all would also like. I think it is a bit easier on the eyes and has a good layout. I know I need to tweak some things but it will take some time.

What does this have to do with Genealogy?

We Are Cousins has grown to be the home of over 500 posts and guest posts, on topics of transcriptions, books, resources, websites, and much more.

Unfortunately locating what you needed was almost impossible with the old templates search engine. The new search feature that I have implemented is powered by Google and provides you with search results that are more relevant and easier to browse.

Go ahead! Give the new search a try. Remember that We Are Cousins has thousands of names on death, birth, baptism, and marriage indexes. You never know your ancestors may be here.

The search even searched the We Are Cousins Magazine, that is how good it is.

Finally, also remember that I add content on a daily basis and if I don’t, eventually I catch up and post several posts in one day.

About Moises Garza

This blog is an attempt to document my family and make you aware of resources that I find. I also hope that with this blog I can network with other researchers interested in this region and connect with long lost relatives. To keep up to date with this blog follow us with RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Contact me at

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