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Thank you for your interest in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy. In this page you will find a welcome video and I recommend that you view it. As of the writing of this page the video is no longer accurate. I already changed parts of the blog and more changes are coming.

Purpose of this Page

I am trying to make this blog as easy to navigate for you. The purpose of this page it to get you started in exploring the various resources that are available for you in this blog. Just view the video then scroll down the page to see what else is available.

Welcome Video

  • Ancestors – Listing of all posts about my ancestors and the ancestors of my wife. It is useful if you ever came across a common ancestor that you may have with us. Just click CTRL+F to do a search.
  • Blogs – This page contains a listing of blogs that pertain to genealogy and history about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.
  • Books – This page contains only books that I have seen myself and know that they are good in helping you trace your ancestors from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. My ancestors appear on a good 90 percent of these books.
  • Get Started – Links to articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources to help you get started in genealogy and family history.
  • Guest Posts – Listing of all guest posts published at We Are Cousins
  • Indexes – Listings about birth, marriage, and death indexes that I have transcribed in regards to several cities/towns and can be found on this website.
  • Miscellaneous – Listing of posts that do not fit in any other categories.
  • Software – Listing to software/services that I have tried or use on a daily basis to make by research easier and keep it clutter free.
  • User Requests – Listing to all User Requests published on this blog.
  • Websites – Here I list websites that contain materials to South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy and or contain family trees.

Please Note: I have not updated the above pages in over one year. Case in point if you are looking for something and can’t find it on the above links please use the search field on the right hand column to search this entire blog. Even I use it all the time to find past posts.

About Me

Hi, My name is Moises and welcome to We Are Cousins, a blog dedicated to South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy. It’s primary purpose is to educate and provide its readers with resources to locate their ancestors, whom at one point lived in this area. To read more about me or my other projects visit my personal website
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