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Publishing a Guest Post at We Are Cousins

I would like to extend the opportunity to do a Guest Post on to anyone interested. You can chose any of the following topics with the only condition being that whatever you write has to involve South Texas, Tamaulipas, or Nuevo Leon.

Sample Topics:

  • Obituaries or funeral cards of loved ones.
  • Transcriptions about documents concerning this area.
  • Pictures of places, people, or events.
  • Resources about this area.
  • Towns their histories or events that happened.
  • Cemeteries who is buried there or where they are located and why they are important to you.
  • Resources for our area of research, books, videos, etc.
  • Family Groups of ancestors and how they are related to you.

These are just ideas, you can write about anything but just keep in mind it has to be about South Texas, Tamaulipas, or Nuevo Leon unless it is a resource that may benefit anyone doing genealogy or family history.

Please use the following template.


This guest post is brought to you by [REPLACE WITH YOUR NAME]. You can follow him/her on [REPLACE WITH WEBSITE ADDRESS/OR SOCIAL NETWORK ADDRESS].


Copyright © [REPLACE WITH YOUR NAME]. All rights reserved. For permission to reuse this article contact me at [REPLACE WITH EMAIL ADDRESS].

How to publish?

Email your Guest Post to you will be contacted with the date that it will be published.

The Goal of Guest Posts

The goal of this is to build more resources, networking, and place stories online for others to enjoy. also to keep our local history alive.