User Requests

User Question: Jose Antonio Cantu Married Maria Rita Guerra in Mier in 1804

The following was sent in by We Are Cousins reader Roberto Gutierrez. If you have any piece of information please write it in the comments section. Jose Antonio Cantu Married Maria Rita Guerra in Mier in 1804. I have all background data on the Guerra’s, my problem is finding where Jose Antonio was born and […]

User Request – Andrew Garza or Salazar, More Information Needed

I received this request a couple of days ago from Anna Garza Rosamond and just hope that by posting it someone may be able to have an answer. Hi. My name is Anna Garza Rosamond. I am trying to find my father’s family. He was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas sometime around 1900-1905. He used the […]

User Request – Severiano Reyna and Francisca Witrago

Hello everyone, Esmeralda Reyna sent me this message through our facebook page. If anyone has any additional information please let her know by posting on the comment area. I am looking for information on a Severiano Reyna that was born in Mexico and came to the United States sometime after 1931. He had a son out of […]

User Request – The Garza’s From La Havana Texas

I received the following message from Ramiro Garza, I strongly want to encourage anyone with time to spare to help him out since it sounds like a good project that can at the end benefit others. Good Morning to All,    I am Ramiro Garza Jr. from Havana, Texas and I am a full time […]

User Request – Demetrio de la Garza and Dionisia Casas Any Information is Appreceated

On June the sixth I received the following inquiry and now I am sharing it with all of you in hopes that together we may help each other out or at least in hopes that someone out there may have the answer’s  for Linda. Inquiry: I am looking for information on Demetrio de la Garza and […]

User Request – Looking for Tejano and Mexicano Ancestor Who Fought For The Confederacy

I received the following request and I just hope that anyone out there can help. You can either email Mr. Stone or post your comments at the bottom of this post. My name is Craig Stone and I am the Commander of the new Sons of Confederate Veterans camp here in the RGV. I am […]

User Request – Felipe Perez and Eduvijes Salinas

I received the following message on May the 14, I just someone out there can help out. hello,I am trying to find out some information about my great-great-great grandmother her name was Eduvijes Salinas (not sure if I spelled her name correctly) and she was married to Felipe Perez. They had several children: Gregorio, Francisca, […]

User Request – Corrido of Victor Lopez General Teran, Montemorelos, Monterrey in Nuevo Leon

The following was submitted by Anthony Garza: I am inquiring about my 2nd great grandfather who lived in the area of General Teran/Montemorelos/Monterrey in Nuevo Leon. His name was Victor Lopez (he was a concrete builder) and his wife’s name was Florencia de Ocio. The story goes in my family is that he was killed […]

User Request – Antonio Maria Guerra any Documents Needed

This post marks an evolution at WeAreCousins, it will mark the beginning of  user requests posts in hopes that someone out there may have the answers, the names, and or the documents that are so much needed by others doing research in this area. I will be posting them as they sent to me. Estimados primos lejanos, estoy interesado en tener […]