Juan Tanguma and Josefina Lopez 1939 Marriage in Los Trevinos Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the Civil Record of the 1939 marriage between my grandfather Juan Tanguma and my grandmother Josefina Lopez. I got to meet my grandmother, but already passed away back in 2008 my grandfather died in 1981. According to my parents he did meet me and used to carry me calling me “guerito“. Unfortunately that same year that […]

1814 Baptism of Jose Hipolito Tanguma, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1814 baptism record of my 3rd great grandfather Jose Hipolito Tanguma. He was the son of Benito Tanguma and Clara Rodriguez, I have yet to find their parents. Jose Hipolito married Maria Francisca Pena. Cut out of original image: See Original Image Transcription of above image: 14 Jose Polito Casta de Miguel Perez HL  […]

1841 baptism of Juan Tanguma Pena, Purisima Concepcion, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1841 image and transcription of my 2nd great grandfather’s Juan Tanguma, baptism. My grandfather was named after him. He was born on Feb 07, 1841 in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He was the son of Jose Hipolito Tanguma Rodriguez and Maria Francisca Pena Barrera. He died in Aug 15, 1909 in Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico […]

1861 Baptism of Jose Demetrio Tanguma Pena Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the image and transcription to the 1861 Baptism of my 2nd great grand uncle Jose Demetrio Tanguma. It was through him that I found the grandparents of my great grandfather Juan Tanguma. As you can see it is always good to do research on all the family members, you never know what you will uncover. […]

1917 Civil Registry Death Record for Leandra Ramirez Martinez, La Meca, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1917 Civil Registry Death record for my 2nd great grandmother Leandra Ramirez. Her parents are not listed here but from other documents they are Guadalupe Ramirez and Antonia Martinez. I have yet to find who her grandparents where. If anyone knows please email me. Cut out of original image: See Original Transcription of above image: Leandra […]

1887 Civil Registry Birth Record of Toribio Tanguma Ramirez, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

It had been several years that had been searching for the names parents of my great grandmother Elena Tanguma. All I new was that according to my mother she only had a brother named Toribio Tanguma. A few weeks ago I found Toribio’s death record which provided me with an estimated birth year and my search began. I found the following […]

1835 Church Marriage of Jose Hipolito Tanguma and Maria Francisca Pena in Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the image and transcription to the Church Marriage record for my 3rd great grandparents Jose Hipolito Tanguma and Maria Francisca Pena. It is interesting to note that the parents are not listed anywhere in the image but on the search results Hipolito’s parents are being listed as being Benito Tanguma and Clara Rodrigues. It might […]

Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Elena Tanguma Ramirez – A Love Story

This is a story about my great grandparents Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Elena Tanguma Ramirez. Growing up I had heard the following story over and over again from my mother San Juana Tanguma and this is how I remember hearing it; One day Elena was getting water from the ranch’s pond, when Yldefonso saw her […]

The White Goat – Toribio Tanguma’s Witch Story

Toribio Tanguma related the following story to my mother Sanjuan Tanguma Lopez as well as her siblings. Toribio was my mothers uncle. This might have had happened during those frequent gatherings outside the jacales while gazing at the stars where story telling would ensue as a tradition of spending the evening, before bedtime would come. […]

Yldefonso Zamora His Wives and His Children

1st Generation Yldefonso Zamora (my great-grandfather) was born About 23 Jan 1886 in Mier, Tamaulipas to Gabino Zamora and Marta Garza. I have yet to find any documents with his death date.  He married 1st Felipa Rios on Oct. 4, 1920 in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Felipa, daughter of Andres Rios and Pilar Gonzalez, was […]