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Online Digital Images of Reynosa Church Marriages from 1790 to 1810, Hosted by UTPA

I recently started to research my wife’s side of the family,  only to find that tracing Original sources is getting to be more challenging than what I thought. I had for what ever reason thought that most of her family would be listed in the Camargo Church records but after analyzing the indexes by SAGA I promptly determined that only some of her family can be found there. Note, these records have not been indexed by Family Search.

I found secondary sources with dates and places pointing to Reynosa, unfortunately they did not list their sources. Turns out that Reynosa’s Church records are not online at Family Search, by the way Camargo’s are. Some initial research indicated that these records had been lost to time but I was not going to settle for that. I keep digging around and I found that the Universtity of Texas Pan American in Edinburg Texas has some of the Marriages online. You can browse the Reynosa Church Marriage Records from 1790 to 1810 online. I found several Marriages within a few minutes.

Also the library has more marriages and baptismal records microfilmed. I have yet to analyse them but I did take a peek at them and they look very promising. I am planing on making an index of them and if anyone wants to volunteer let me know.