Mier Land Grants

Recommended Book – Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro

Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro 1986 by Octavio Herrera Perez If you are familiar with he history of Mier then you probably already figured the title out. El Paso del Cantaro used to be the name of Mier prior to it’s founding in 1753. This book is very comprehensive in Mier’s history and it’s past international impact. Aside from the history contained in this […]

Map of Mier Land Grants on the Mexican Side and Names of People Awarded To

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Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities a Dissertation by Mary Jo Galindo

Anyone doing Genealogy research in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico at one point, while doing research, cannot help but stumble into Mary Jo Galindo’s Dissertation “Con Un Pie En Cada Lado: Ethnicities and the Archaeology of Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities Along the Lower Río Grande Valley” which is a great 353 page work about South Texas and […]