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Eustacio De Leon y Sofia Duron

Eustacio De Leon Sanchez y Sofia Duron Elizondo Great Grandparents of Juan Jesus de Leon

Photos are a window to the past and we are lucky that form time to time we may find one of our ancestors. Special thanks to Juan Jesus de Leon. He has shared with us in the past his project of the De Leon Surname in Montemorelos and has also shared with us on a […]

The Search for Rodriguez Roots in Early 1800's Texas

The Search for Rodriguez Roots in Early 1800s Texas

This guest post is brought to you by Beverly Loomis One of my long-time genealogical quests has been to learn the names of the parents of my 2nd great-grandmother, Maria (Mary) Rodriguez, who lived circa 1832-1880 near San Antonio, Texas. In 1847 she married Young Perry Alsbury (1814-1877), who came to the Austin Colony as […]

Felicity Melecio

Brick Wall: Silvario Villegas (1830-1876) and Pabla Rodriguez (1827-1902)

This guest post is brought to you by Michelle Hinojosa Melencio. You can follow her at The Beginning of My Journey with Genealogy It wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2010, that I asked myself, “What am I going to pass on to my daughter from my culture?” I’ve learned more Spanish living […]

Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez

The following image was shared by Juan Jesus de Leon. It is a photograph of his grandparents Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez. Juan stated that both of his grandparents are from Hacienda San Bartolo Cadereyta Jimenez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Hilario is a direct descendant of Captain Alonso de Leon. As a matter of […]

Turning Facts Into Fiction And Writing The Historical Novel

Guest Post By Ernesto Uribe The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms defines the historical novel as “a novel in which the action takes place during a specific historical period… often one or two generations before, sometimes several centuries, and in which some attempt is made to depict accurately the customs and mentality of the period…” […]

“Buenos Dias dele Dios” (God give you a good day) by David Cantu

David Cantu shares with us stories about his life and the very important people that he has meet along the way, specially those that left an impression on him. This post contains three unique stories and a poem that are full of feeling, love, and character. A mother’s prayers are forever 1918 was the year […]

Sociedad De Genealogia De Nuevo Leon – Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon

I would like to thank Lester Alvarado for making me aware of the Sociedad De Genealogia De Nuevo Leon (Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon) and the great project that some of it’s members are working on. The following is a description of their project and more information about the Society From last year’s treasurer Lester Alvarado. The […]

My Papa Lalo, Don Eulalio Contreras Garza

This guest post is brought to you by David Cantú Garcia. It is an awesome story and you will enjoy reading it. Thanks David for sharing. What a man, he made all the John Wayne’s look like punks. Papa Lalo, as I called him, was my father’s foster father and his baptismal Padrino, but he was […]

Guest Post: Victor Garcia and Guadalupe Alanis – A Love Story

This guest post is brought to you by Michael Garcia. After reading a recent post by Moises about his great grandparents’ relationship, I thought I would follow in kind and share a love story from my own family’s history. The following story was told to me by my aunt, with additional information added by her […]