El Corrido de Narciso A. Guerra (The Ballad of Narciso A. Guerra)

I vividly remember Mr. Guerra from when he would substitute, when any of our teachers were out. He was very sociable and loved to make us smile. He would always tell us that he was going to open the theater once again just for us. I also remember that before he used to substitute he […]

Maria Nicolasa Guerra Guerra, 1859 Baptism in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1859 baptism record of my paternal second great grandmother Maria Nicolasa Guerra Guerra. She was baptized in Ciudad Mier. She was the daughter of Jose Gorgonio Guerra Gonzalez and Maria Felicita Guerra Gonzalez.Cut out of original image: See Original Transcription of above image: N. 222 Ma. Nicolasa Guerra  A los diez y ocho dias del […]

Maria Felicita Guerra Gonzalez, 1836 Baptism In Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the baptism of my 3r great grandmother Maria Felicita Guerra Gonzalez through my paternal line. She was the daughter of Jose Juan Manuel Antonio Guerra de Guadiano and Maria del Refugio Gonzalez Guerra. She is the mother of my 2nd great grandmother Maria Nicolasa Guerra Guerra.Cut out of original image: See Original Image Transcription of above […]

Jose Benito Gonzalez, 1899 Baptism in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1899 baptism record of Jose Benito Gonzalez. He was the brother of my great grandmother Maria Amalia Gonzalez. It indicates that he was born at Guardados de Arriba Ranch back in March 31, 1899. This mentioned ranch is now a small town. Cut out of original image: See Original Image Transcript of […]

1899 Civil Registration birth of Jose Benito Gonzalez Guerra, Guardado de Arriba, Tamaulipas, Mexico

For years I had been searching for the parents of my 2nd great grandparents Andres Gonzalez and Nicolasa Guerra without much luck. That was until I found the following document for their son Jose Benito Gonzalez (great grand uncle). It is his 1899 Civil Registration Birth Record in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It lists his […]

Children of Andres Gonzalez and Nicolasa Guerra

1st Generation 1. Andres Gonzalez (my great-great-grandfather) was born About 1850’s Sep 25, 1852 in China, Nuevo León, Mexico and died on an unknown date Jun 26, 1939 Rancho Viejo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  He married Nicolasa Guerra (my great-great-grandmother). Nicolasa was born About 1850’s and died on an unknown date.

Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra, 1912 Church Marriage in Guardados de Arriba, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the image and transcription of the marriage that took place in the house of Andres Gonzalez in Guardados de Arriba in Tamaulipas, Mexico back in August 27, 1912 between Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra. The image does indicate who their parents are. The image also does indicate that the […]

Severo Marroquin Gonzalez – A Life Changing Event

The following story was told to me by my father Lauro Garza Marroquin and it is a story about his uncle Severo Marroquin Gonzalez. I will try to relate it as complete as possible since it has been several years since I heard it. Severo Marroquin Gonzalez was born on August 8, 1913 in Rancho Viejo, […]

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra – 1891 Baptism in Los Herrera, Nuevo Leon, Mexicos

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra is my great-grandmother through my fathers maternal side. The following is the image of her baptism followed by it’s transcription. She was baptized in Los Herreras, Nuevo Leon, Mexico on the 16th of February of 1891. The document indicates that she was born on June 17, 1890 and that her parents […]

Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities a Dissertation by Mary Jo Galindo

Anyone doing Genealogy research in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico at one point, while doing research, cannot help but stumble into Mary Jo Galindo’s Dissertation “Con Un Pie En Cada Lado: Ethnicities and the Archaeology of Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities Along the Lower Río Grande Valley” which is a great 353 page work about South Texas and […]