Jose Benito Gonzalez, 1899 Baptism in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1899 baptism record of Jose Benito Gonzalez. He was the brother of my great grandmother Maria Amalia Gonzalez. It indicates that he was born at Guardados de Arriba Ranch back in March 31, 1899. This mentioned ranch is now a small town. Cut out of original image: See Original Image Transcript of […]

1899 Civil Registration birth of Jose Benito Gonzalez Guerra, Guardado de Arriba, Tamaulipas, Mexico

For years I had been searching for the parents of my 2nd great grandparents Andres Gonzalez and Nicolasa Guerra without much luck. That was until I found the following document for their son Jose Benito Gonzalez (great grand uncle). It is his 1899 Civil Registration Birth Record in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It lists his […]

1890 Civil Registry Death Record of Jesusa Gonzalez Cuellar, Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1890 Civil Registry entry in Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico of the death of my 3rd Great Grandmother Maria de Jesus Gonzalez. It is interesting to note that she is listed as Jesusa Gonzalez, but in her church marriage she is listed as Maria de Jesus Gonzalez. Her parents are Pedro Gonzalez and Juana Maria Cuellar. […]

1909 Civil Registry Death Record for Jorge Lopez Gonzalez, Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following image and transcription is of the 1909 Civil Registry Record of my 2nd great grandfather Jorge Lopez. He was married to Maria Luz Garza and his parents were Gabriel Lopez and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez. Cut out of original Image: Transcription of above image: Jorge Lopez Gartis Acta numero 75 setenta y cinco. – En la […]

1939 Civil Registry Death Record of Andres Gonzalez Salinas, Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the Civil Registry Death record of Andres Gonzalez (2nd great grandfather). For too many years he was one of my brick walls but not anymore. He died in June 26, 1939 and his parents were Francisco Gonzalez and Maria Antonia Salinas.

1843 Church Marriage of Gabriel Lopez and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez

This is the Church Marriage at Inmaculada Concepcion Church in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico of Gabriel Lopez Rios (3rd great grandfather) and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez Cuellar (3rd great grandmother). His parents are Lorenzo Lopez at the time deceased and Barbara Rios. She was the daughter of Pedro Gonzalez and Juana Cuellar. Cut Out of Original Image: Original […]

Photo of Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra Circa 1960’s

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra and Pedro Marroquin Perez My greatest appreciation goes to Ricardo Reyna who provided this picture of my paternal great grandparents, Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra and Pedro Marroquin Perez. Original image is in possession of my aunt Amelia Garza de Garza who provided it to Ricardo, as per his request, for scanning […]

Children of Andres Gonzalez and Nicolasa Guerra

1st Generation 1. Andres Gonzalez (my great-great-grandfather) was born About 1850’s Sep 25, 1852 in China, Nuevo León, Mexico and died on an unknown date Jun 26, 1939 Rancho Viejo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  He married Nicolasa Guerra (my great-great-grandmother). Nicolasa was born About 1850’s and died on an unknown date.

The Children of Andres Ayala and Maria de Jesus Chapa

Andres Ayala (my wife’s 6th great-grandfather) died on an unknown date. He was the son of Ysidro Ayala and Maria Ynes Gonzalez.  He married Maria De Jesus Chapa (my wifes 6th great-grandfather). I do not know who her parents might have been. If anyone has any information on Maria de Jesus Chapa please let me know. […]

Civil Marriage of Eulalio Garza Lopez and Dominga Marroquin Gonzalez at Rancho Viejo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Yesterday I was once again going through the Tamaulipas Civil Registration at FamilySearch when I noticed that Miguel Aleman was listed. I thought to myself what can possibly be there since most records are up to the 1930’s and Miguel Aleman was not made into a municipality until the 1950’s. We I’ll admit I was surprised that I […]