Eusebio Garza and Paula Lopez

Photos of Eusebio Garza Lopez and Paula Lopez Garza

Growing up I heard stories about my great grandparents. Stories that even though may be short they are part of our family history. I always remember these stories and could never put a face to them, until yesterday. Yesterday I had an awesome surprise. My cousin Martha Garza posted photos on Facebook of my paternal […]

Today is a Special Day, Happy Birthday Dad!

I usually don’t write personal stuff and I try to keep it my blog focused in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy but today is an exception. Today my father turns 70 years old. He has been and is one of my greatest role models. He thought me how to be responsible and showed me […]

Melchor de Trevino and Antonia de la Garza, 1697 Marriage in

The following is the 2-4-1697 church marriage of my 9th great grandparents Melchor de Trevino and Antonia de la Garza.Cut out of original image: See Original Transcription of above document: Melchor de Trevino y D Antonia de la Garza espanolez  En Este dia mes y ano en Esta capilla despote y Case por palabras de presente y Cele […]

Jose de la Trinidad de la Pena – 1830 Baptism in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1830 baptism of my 3rd great grandfather Jose de la Trinidad de la Pena. He was nine days old when baptized. This document lists his parents as Jose Trinidad Pena and Maria de San Juan Garza. His godparents are lsited as Julian Lopez and Gregoria Garcia.Cut out of Original Image: See Original Transcription of above image: […]

Jose Gil Lopez and Anastacia Hinojosa, 1861 Church Marriage in Mier, Tamaulipas, mexico

The following is the 1861 Church Marriage record of my 3rd great grandfather Jose Gil Lopez to his second wife Anastacia Hinojosa. He was the son of Lorenzo Lopez and Barbara Rios. Thanks to a 1874 Census of Arcabuz I was able to find that he had married twice and thus found this document. Cut out of […]

Marriage of Jose Manuel Lopez and Maria Tomasa de La Garza, 1834 in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1834 church marriage of my 3rd great grandparents Jose Manuel Lopez and Maria Tomasa de La Garza. Unfortunately this documented doe not indicate whom their parents are but it does contain some clues. First of all, from other documents we know that the parents of Maria Tomasa are Juan Jose de la Garza and Maria Gertrudis […]

Maria Felipa Selbera (Cervera), 1802 Church Death Record, Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1802 Church Death record of my 6th great grandmother Maria Felipa Selbera (Cervera). She was the widow of My 6th great grandfather Francisco Xavier de la Garza and Jose Vela. As the following document indicates she died of old age at 100 years old. Cut out of original image: See Original Image Transcription of above image: Henero de […]

Blas de la Garza, 1669 Church Death Record, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1669 Church Death Record of my 11th great grandfather Blas de la Garza. The following is a very interesting document, it indicates he left a will and also that some services in his memory should be performed in Mexico City. Hope I get to find his will some day. It is […]

1767 Land Grant of Francisco Angel de la Garza – Mier Porcion 14

Map of Mexican Porciones by Mary Jo Galindo. The above is a map that Mary Jo Galindo made from an old one found in Mier. The above image can be found in her dissertation on page 10. Land Grant of Francisco Angel de la Garza: This is a copy from the book Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro. It is […]

Beatriz Gonzalez 1670 Church Death Record Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1670 Church Death record of Beatriz Gonzalez my 11th great grandmother in Catedral de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She was the wife of Captain Blas de La Garza. She was daughter of Marcos Gonzalez and Mariana Navarro.Cut out of original image: See original image Transcription of above image: Beatris Gonsalez espanola  En diez de Mayo de […]