Apolonio Contreras de La Garza and Demetria Garza Solis and Their Children

1st Generation Apolonio Contreras was born in 1844 in Mexico and died on an unknown date. he was the son of Jose Manuel Antonio Contreras Trevino and Rafaela de La Garza Olivares. He married Demetria Garza on Aug. 17, 1874 in Starr, Texas, USA. Demetria, daughter of Epamuseno Prudencio Garza and Maria Eugenia Ygnacia Solis, was born […]

My Papa Lalo, Don Eulalio Contreras Garza

This guest post is brought to you by David Cantú Garcia. It is an awesome story and you will enjoy reading it. Thanks David for sharing. What a man, he made all the John Wayne’s look like punks. Papa Lalo, as I called him, was my father’s foster father and his baptismal Padrino, but he was […]

Paula Contreras Garza – Marriages and Children

1st Generation 1. Paula Contreras was born in Jun. 1891 in San Miguel, Tamaulipas, Mexico and died on Nov. 2, 1921 in La Grulla, Starr, Texas, USA.  She was the daughter of Apolonio Crontreras De La Garza and Demetria Garza Solis. She married 3rd Francisco Perez on May 24, 1911 in Starr, Texas, USA. Francisco, […]