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1913 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1913 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order. The original image used for this transcription can be found in the following collection from FamilySearch Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

 Transcript of Original Image:

Numero  Nombres        Folio
de Actas
34      Alvarado Mercedes              36
45      Bazan Candelaria               47
6       Cantu Marcelina                8
10      Cantu Rodolfo                  12
30      Cantu Luisa                    32
42      Cantu Pablo                    44
4       Elizondo Leonardo              6
36      Escamilla Elena                38
47      Elizondo Candelaria            49
3       Garcia Francisca               5
5       Garcia Teodora                 7
7       Garcia Rosario del Maria       9
18      Garcia Juan                    20
19      Guerra Cantu Vidal             21
23      Garcia Flores Paula            25
35      Garcia Juana                   37
1       Hinojosa Enrique Virgilio      3
17      De la Ruella
22      Lopez Salinas Juliana          24
38      Lara Santos Jose               40
41      Lopez Porfiria                 43
33      Pena Felicitas                 35
39      Paz Tomas                      41
48      Pena Maria                     50
13      Rios Juan                      15
14      Rios Maria Jose                16
21      Ramos Amado                    18
21      Rodriguez Crisanta             23
24      Rios Modesto                   26
26      Rios Ruperto                   28
27      Rios Jesus                     29
29      Ramos Jose                     30
31      Rodriguez Francisca            33
46      Rios Aniceto                   48
2       Salas Juana                    4
8       Salinas Eugenio                10
11      Salians Gonzalo                13
12      Salinas Ysmael                 14
25      Salinas Santos                 27
40      Salians Maria                  42
43      Sanchez Concepcion             45
44      Salinas Armando                46
15      Trevino Florencio              17
20      Trigo Paula                    22
37      Trevino Florencio              39
17      Uribe Santos Maria             12
9       Vela Jose                      11
28      Vela Fidencio                  30
32      Vega Paula                     34


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Monterrey Mexico Marraige – Email From Crispin Rendon

Yesterday I received the following email concerning the Marriages for Monterrey Mexico. It is very interesting and in my opinion very informative. Let me know in the comments what you think about it.

It has been alleged that Monterrey, Nuevo Leon was founded partly by a population of conversos and crypto-Jews. Many believe that descendants of this group have continued maintaining a population there.  I wonder if a vestige of Jewish cultural tradition can be seen in a mundane marriage decision; the day of the week to be married.

The marriage information I use comes from two sources: “Martrimorios en la Catedral de Monterrey Libros 1 y 2 1667-1781″ by Jose Francisco Garza Carrillo, Monterrey, N.L. Mex. 2004. & “Marriages of Sagrario Metropolitano: Nuestra Senora de Monterrey 3 February 1781- 4 May 1791″ by Aida Martinez, Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society 2006.

I entered those records into my PAF genealogy software. I then exported the dates to a format that allowed me to determine and count weekday and month. The marriage records of another Nuevo Leon city, General Teran are presented for comparison.

I know next to nothing about Jewish culture so I GOOGLED the following two sites and learned that Tuesdays are good days for marriage and Saturdays are not.

“Weddings may not be conducted on the Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), other holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover Shavuot, and Sukkoth); the three weeks between the seventeenth of Tamuz and the ninth of Av, which generally fall in July and/or August and commemorate the destruction of the Temple; the Omer period (between Passover and Shavuot), seven weeks that usually fall in April and May.”

“For much of Jewish history, the third day of the week (Tuesday) was considered an especially auspicious day for a wedding. This was so because, concerning the account of the third day of creation, the phrase “… and God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:10,12) appears twice. Therefore, Tuesday is a doubly good day for a wedding.”

I know enough about Catholicism to know that Friday is a day of abstinence. The celebration of marriage while observing abstinence would appeal to few.

My friend Viola Rodriguez Sadler and others wrote to tell me of an old dicho: “En martes no te cases ni te embarques.”

On Tuesday don’t marry nor start your trip (or start a project). I understand this admonishment is still given.

This is neither Jewish nor Christian but superstition. I will call it a European belief. Tuesday (Martes) takes it name from Mars the Greek and Roman god of war.

Below find a weekday accounting of all 2,926 Catholic Church marriages that occurred in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico during the 125-year period from 1667 to 1791. Does this marriage distribution, in some way, have anything to do with Crypto-Judaism? You be the judge.

Monterrey marriage totals

1. Sunday: 639

2. Monday: 729

3. Tuesday: 415

4. Wednesday: 405

5. Thursday: 308

6. Friday: 185

7. Saturday: 245

Total weddings: 2,926

General Teran, N.L., Mexico Marriages (1809-1911)

Number of Marriages

1. Sunday: 680

2. Monday: 582

3. Tuesday: 316

4: Wednesday: 740

5. Thursday: 542

6. Friday: 517

7. Saturday: 1,280

Total weddings: 4,657

Monterrey Monthly Marriage totals

1. January: 357

2. February: 471

3. March: 84

4. April: 208

5. May: 284

6. June: 195

7. July: 216

8. August: 318

9. September: 231

10. October: 187

11. November: 295

12. December: 80

Total:  2,926.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

Archivos Parroquiales de Nuetra Senora de Guadalupe Reynosa, Tmaulipas, Mexico Matrimonios Vol. 2 1790 -1811

“Archivos Parroquiales de Nuetra Senora de Guadalupe Reynosa, Tmaulipas, Mexico Matrimonios Vol. 2 1790 -1811 ”

I know that I have already spoken of this book but I thought and I write a post about it, for those that are actively researching Reynosa records for their ancestors. This small about 30 page book has been invaluable in researching my wife’s family. Thanks to it I have found copies of original documents.

This book is available for viewing at the University of Texas Pan American and for those interested in buying it it is also available for purchase from the author through Border Lands Book Store item# 717.

Once you find your ancestors within he pages of this book I recommend you head over to my previous post; Online Digital Images of Reynosa Church Marriages from 1790 to 1810, Hosted by UTPA there you will find the link to the online images used to create the this book.

Finally, if you want more information about Reynosa Records you might want to check out another of my posts; Where to Locate Baptism, Marriage, and Death Church Records for Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I hope that you find this book as useful as I have in my research.

1921 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1921 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In alphabetical order by groom’s name. You can see a copy of the original index in the following collection: FamilySearch, Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 – Mier – Matrimonios 1919-1927

 Transcription of index images:

No.011	Alvares Amado 	        y	Margarita Olivares
No.023	Abad Alberto 		y 	Francisca D. Salinas
No.022	Barrera Julian		y	Eustolia Garza
No.027	Barrera Cenobio	        y	Irene Canales
No.008	Canales L. Albino	y	Beatriz Ramirez
No.010	Castillo Miguel 	y	Emma Guerra
No.026	Cuellar Tomas		y	Manuela Ramirez
No.036	Canales Alejandro	y 	Domingo Barrera
No.038	Cantu Francisco	        y	Higinia Guerra
No.002	Flores Jose		y	Ancelma Quiroga
No.013	Flores Juventino 	y 	Elvira Guerra
No001	Gonzalez Cornelio	y	Adolfa Ramos
No.004	Gonzalez Santiago	y	Elisa Garcia
No.006	Guerra Gertrudis 	y	Francisca Bazan
No.012	Guerra Carlos		y	Encarnacion Ramos
No.016	Guerra Calixto		y	Francisca Bazan
No.017	Gonzalez Silverio	y	Arcadia Ramirez
No.019	Garcia Juan		y	Bartola Guerra
No.020	Garcia Avel		y	Braulia Hinojosa
No.021	Guerra Antonio		y	Maria Emma Hinojosa
No.024	Garcia Lorenzo		y	Julia Chapa
No.028	Garcia Jose Angel	y	Rafaela Gonzalez
No.029	Garza Norberto	        y	Olivia Fernandez
No.031	Gonzalez Flores Juan	y	Francisca Rodriguez
No.033	Garcia Silverio		y	Magine L. Canales
No.003	Hinojosa Luciano	y	Cristina Lopez
No.015	Hinojosa Lisandro	y 	Angela Hinojosa
No.007	Maldonado Filomon	y 	Juana Pena
No.040	Peez Lazaro		y	Santos Garza
No.042	Pruneda Jose S.	        y 	Amada Guerra	
No.014	Reyna Matias		y	Narcisa Garcia
No.030	Reyna Alberto 		y 	Teresa Guerra
No.032	Ramirez Liverato	y 	Antonia Guerra
No.035	Rosales Gumersindo	y	Maria Alvarado
No.39	Ramirez Estevan	        y	Amalia Quiroga
No.005	Solis Jesus Maria	y	Francisca hinojosa
No.009	Salinas Nicano		y	Paula Ramirez
No.018	Salinas Cecilio 	y	Aurora Ramirez
No.025	Salinas Urbano		y	Victoria Garcia
No.034	Salinas Manuel		y	Victoria Garza
No.037	Salinas Quintin		y	Paula Balderas
No.041	Vela Jose		y	Ines Garcia

Source: FamilySearch

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Jose Tomas Perez, 1805 Baptism, Catedral de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1805 Baptism record for my wife’s 3rd great grandfather Jose Tomas Perez. His parents are listed as Joseph Ygnacio Perez and Maria Guadalupe Garcia. He was nine days old at the time of baptism. His Godparents are listed as Ygenio Gonzalez and Maria Josefa Vaies. I have yet to discover whom his grandparents might have had been. You can see my previous post about his marriage to Maria Francisca de Allala, Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca De Allala, 1837 Marriage, Valle De La Mota, General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. You can also see the image used for the transcript here See Original.

Transcript of above image:

5 Jose Tomas espanol

En le Sagrario de esta Santa Yga. Catl. de monterrey en seis de Eno. de mil ochocientos sinco el Br. Ygnacio [?] Baupo. y puso los Santos oleos y Crisma a Jph tomas Espanol de nuebe dias de nacido hijo legitimo de Jph Ygnacio peres y de [?] de Maria Guadalupe Garcia Vecinos de la Estancuela Padrinos Ygenio Gonzalez y Maria Josefa Vaies a quienes se les adbirtio la obligacion de la Doca. Christiana y parentesco Espiritual y para que Conte. lo firo.

Lic. Juan Jph de la Garza

Source: FamilySearch

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Browse or Search The Brownsville Daily Herald. (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910 Online

The only newspaper that I have been able to find that covered news about Starr County, Hidalgo County, and Cameron County is The Brownsville Daily Herald out of Brownsville Texas and it covers the years 1897 through 1910. Over a year ago I found a very interesting post by searching this newspaper and you can read it here Anita Flores, Tragedy at Los Guaraches Ranch, Hidalgo County, Texas.

You can browse and or search this newspaper in two places:

  • Chronicling America – Search America’s historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922 or use the U.S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present.
  • The Portal To Texas History –  The Portal is a gateway to Texas history materials. You may discover anything from an ancestor’s picture in a college yearbook to a rare historical map.

After 1910 The Brownsville Daily Herald became The Brownsville Herald but unfortunately it is not online and if you wish so you can see  most of its issues form 1910 to present at the University of Texas Pan American.

Online you can also see the The daily herald. (Brownsville, Tex.) 1892-1897 which was the newspaper that preceded The Brownsville Daily Herald and it is also available at Chronicling America.

Finally, I had always wanted to dive in into more in-dept with newspaper research but had no idea where to start. I want to thank Kenneth R Marks for the following video that he made about researching newspapers and where to find them for free. If you find any other news papers talking about South Texas please let me know.

1928 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1928 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon, Mexico in lists by male and female and in alphabetical order. You can find the image of the index in the following collection:  FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Los Aldamas > Nacimientos 1925 – 1930

Transcription of index image:
Num	Foja	Letra		Hombres	       Num	Foja	Letra		Mujeres
59	27	A	Arturo Lopez		80	36	A	Armandina Barrera
72	32		Artemion P. Pena	82	37		Alda Lopez
100	44		Armando Lopez	        84	37		Anna Lopez
104	44		Aurelio Garcia		92	41		Amparo Vera
106	47		Americo Salinas	        96	44		Alicia Pena
114	50		Anastacio Pena		66	30	B	Belia Lopez
123	54		Adan Tanguma		96	43	C	Cruz Cantu
128	57		Amalio Lopez		103	46		Corina Vera
139	61		Arturo Garcia		115	51		Consuelo Vera
28	13	B	Baldomero Ybanez	9	5		Consuelo Garcia
31	15		Benito Garcia		16	8		Caridad Lozano
32	15		Braulio Cantu		17	8		Vonsuelo Lozano
118	52	C	Cruz Cantu		86	38		Corina Perez
120	53		Cenobio Rios		97	43	D	Dolores Pena
48	22		Carlos Garcia		1	2		Dinonicia Garcia
4	3	D	Delfino Alanis		40	19		Dominga Marroquin
54	25		Dionicio Carmona	45	21		Dominga Garcia
55	25		Delfino Garcia		87	39		Dolores Garcia
47	22	E	Eusebio Garcia		76	34	E	Eleuterio Garcia
109	22	F	Fidencio Regalado	85	38		Esperanza Garcia
130	57		Fidencio Rios		61	28		Ernestina Gonzalez
58	26	G	Guadalupe Lopez	        121	53		Esperanza Tanguma
						107	47		Evangelina Vera
65	29		Glafino Salinas		124	55		Elida Carrillo
88	39		Guadalupe Guerra	34	16	F	Felicidad Garcia
127	56		Glicerio Alanis		129	57		Flora Pena
132	58		Guadalupe Gonzalez	23	11	G	Guadlaupe Rios
135	60		Guadalupe Salinas	93	41		Guadlaupe Vera
44	20	H	Homero Alanis		117	52		Gloria Garcia
73	33		Hernan Sanchez	        131	58		Genoveva Salinas
77	34		Heriberto Alanis	13	7	H	Hilaria Garcia
18	9	Y	Ynocente Leal		25	12	Y	Yrma Rios
39	18		Ysmael Cantu		3	2	J	Juana Vega
8	5	J	Jesus Garcia		10	5		Jesusa Rodriguez
30	14		Jesus Tanguma		46	21		Jesusa Garcia
68	31		Jose Resendes		94	42		Juana Hinojosa
6	12		Julio Garcia		108	48		Josefa Garcia
83	37		Juan L Tamez		119	53		Jesusa Salinas
91	41		Jose Garcia		7	4	L	Luz Salinas
67			Jose Socorro Trevino	27	13		Luz Perez
95	42		Jose Vela		137	60		Luz Garza
22	54		Jesus Vega		140	62		Lilia Garcia
113	50		Jesus Pulido		22	11	M	Maria Garcia
2	2	L	Loreto Rios		33	16		Maria del Socorro Vela
6	4		Lorenzo Salinas	        35	17		Maria Garcia
20	10		Loepoldo Lopez	        37	17		Margarita Rios
89	40		Leocadio Pena		49	23		Maria Garcia
99	44		Liborio Pena		62	28		Maria Pena
15	8	M	Marciano Gonzalez	67	30		Maria Leonor Trevino
41	19		Miguel A trevino	138	61		Melida Garcia
53	24		Maximino Alanis	        75	33	N	Natalia Garcia
70	31		Margarito Salinas	105	47		Nara A Pena
71	32		Manuel Carrillo		21	10	O	Olivia Ramirez
78	35		Marcelino Alanis	57	26		Odilia Lopez
90	40		Marciano Alanis	        64	29	P	Petra Pena
112	50		Matias Ramos		134	59	R	Rebeca Martinez
126	56		Manuel Pena		14	7		Rebeca Salinas
133	59		Manuel Garcia		43	20		Rosenda y Rosalinda Guerra
36	17	N	Nicanor Solis		111	49	S	Sara Dominguez
74	33		Noe Pena
42	20	O	Onecimo Trevino	        116	51	S	Socorro Pena
50	23		Onofre Garza		125	55		Simona Gonzalez
5	3	P	Pedro Arevalo		38	18		Sofia Cantu
19	9		Pedro Galindo
52	24		Pablo Moreno
26	12	R	Ramon Salinas
51	23		Ricardo Regalado
60	27		Ramiro Lopez
63	28		Rafael Pena
102	45		Ramon Ontiveros
69	31		Roberto Garcia
81	36		Ricardo E. Gonzalez
136	60		Rogelio Rios
11	6	S	Simon Garcia
29	14		Sixto Mendoza
67			Socorro Trevino
110	49		Santos Salinas
24	12	T	Tomas Hinojosa
79	35		Tomas Gonzalez
56	26	U	Uvaldo Garza
101	45		Virgilio Vela
Los Aldams, N.L. Diciembre 31 de 1928
Luciano Pena Leal
Source: FamilySearch

Nicolasa Baes de Trevino, 1760 Church Death Record, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the death record of my 7th great grandmother Maria Nicolasa Baes de Trevino. She was the wife of Cristobal Guerra Canamar. Unfortunately this document does not indicate whom her parents were but luckily to other documents we know that her parents were Francisco Baes de Trevino and Catalina de Amaya. I have yet to find whom her grandparents were. This document does indicate that she gave power to her son Ygnacio Guerra to make a will on her behalf, I have yet to find that will. If any one has copies of documents about them please let me know. Here you can see the Original image.

Transcript of above image:

Da Maria Nicolasa Baes Trevino espanola Cruz Alta

En Nueve digo en dies de Abril demil Settecientos y Secenta anos Se ledio Sepultura ecleciastica en tercero Cuerpo – con cruz alta Misa y Vigilia y tresposar a Dona Maria Nicolasa Beas Trevino espanola Vesina desta Ciudad y mujer que fue de dn. Xptoval Guerra, Se confeso y Recivio los Santos Sacramentos y othorgo Poder para testar a su hijo dn. Ygnacio Guerra Su principal Albacea, qn. aplico alvs amndar forsosa i xx. acada una: Y el Poder Passo por Ante el Escribano ppco. que. fue desta Ciudad Dn. Juan Roel y para que conste lo firme =

Barthome. Molano

Source: FamilySearch

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1912 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1912 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order. You can find the original image in the following collection: Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

 Transcript of  Image:

Numero	Nombres		Folio
4	Alanis Canuto			3 vta
6	Alanis Reyes			4 vta
16	Alanis Gonzala			4 vta
3	Cantu Bernabe			3 fte
11	Cantu Patrocinia		7 fte
21	Cantu Victoria			12 fte
26	Davila Antonia			14 vta
20	Elizondo Juana			11 vta
34	Espinosa Ursula		        18 vta
37	Elizondo Francisca		20 fte
25	Flores Victoriana		14 fte
2	Guerra Ma. Nieves		2 vta
7	Garcia Hilaria			5 fte
14	Garcia Ma. Reyes		8 vta
15	Garza Rafaela			9 fte
23	Garcia Jose			13 fte
29	Gonzalez Narciza		16 fte
21	Garza Renteria Francisco	17 fte
18	Lopez Simon			10 vta
28	Longoria Ma. Caridad		15 vta
30	Lopez Cipriana			16 vta
24	Mata Lorenzo			13 vta
10	Olivares Panfila	        6 vta
1	Pena Margarita			2 fte
12	Pena Ysabel			7 vta
22	Pena Cantu Salomon		12 vta
27	Pena Leonor			15 fte
33	Perez Juliana			18 fte
32	Quintanilla Francisca		17 vta
9	Reyna Virginia			6 fte
13	Rios Euclacio			8 fte
17	Salinas Andrea			10 fte
19	Salinas Emeteria		11 fte
36	Salinas Felipe			19 vta
5	Villa Eufrando Hilaria		4 fte
35	Vela Pedro			19 fte
8	Ybanez Antonia		        5 vta


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Surnames of Nuevo León : Botello y Buentello, Cavazos, Guerra, Hinojosa, Larralde, Mier, Sepúlveda, and Zambrano, by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva

Surnames of Nuevo León : Botello y Buentello, Cavazos, Guerra, Hinojosa, Larralde, Mier, Sepúlveda, and Zambrano, by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva is a great book that was compiled and writen by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva and trancribed by Edan G. Brown in 1989.

Surnames of Nuevo LeonThe Surnames that this book/author focus on are:

  • Botello and Buentello – Descendants of Captain Juan Buentello Guerrero
  • Cavazos – Descendants of Juan Cavazos son of Gabriel Cavazos and Simona del Campo
  • Guerra – Descendants of Ignacio Guerra son of Antonio Guerra Canamal and Luisa Fernandez de Riofrio
  • Hinojosa – Descendants of Diego de Hinojosa
  • Larralde – Descendnats of General Francisco Ignacio de Larralde son of Francisco de Larralde and Antonia de Odriozola
  • Mier – Descendants of Francisco de Mier Noriega
  • Sepulveda – Descendants of Jacinto and Bernardo Garcia de Sepulveda sons of Anton Garcia and Ana de Sepulveda
  • Zambrano – First mentions of that lat name.

Where to get book:

  • Check Libraries in your area with WorldCat.

What do you think about this book? My ancestors are Guerra, Hinojosa, and Cavazos listed here.