Are you Voting in November? You can bet that I am and here is why.

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Lets re-hire or fire our elected officials.

Ok, lets be clear, I will not tell you whom to vote for! As an American only you can decide that, and have aright to keep it between you and God, but please go out and vote. It is very important that we do so. Remember it is not just a presidential election but there are candidates competing at all government levels from Senators, Congressmen, to School board elections.

You don’t like the presidential candidates or your state always votes Democrat or Republican, guess what don’t vote for them it is also your choice as an American. Just don’t forget about all the other candidates that are running and one vote sure makes a huge difference in those races.

The people whom get elected end up making laws and decisions that affect all of us. For example, as a genealogy hobbyist I sure will not vote for someone that will take or has taken funding away from our State Archives, or someone that will extend Privacy lengths.

Another thing, don’t believe the media. Do your own independent research, we are already great at it. I just hope that our Genealogy community makes their voices heard not only on this election but on all elections.

See you at the polls,

Moises Garza

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