1891 Index of Marriages for Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico

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1891 Index of Marriages for Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico in alphabetical order by grooms last name.

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Acta    13        Antonio Martinez                    Honesima Tovar

            54        Abraham Ramirez                   Olegaria Ramirez

            49        Asencio Chavez                      Amada Vargas

            31        Blas Garcia                              Maria Gomez


            12        Dionicio Saldana                     Sabrina Barrera

            43        Eleuterio Hinojosa                  Herlinda Sandoval

            36        Feliciano Garza                       Celsa Canales

            37        Francisco M. Benavides          Maria Garza

            47        Francisco Garcia                     Cayetana Garza

            64        Faustino Lerma                       Maria Cruz

            27        Geronimo Garcia                     Margarita Martinez

            65        Guadalupe Garcia                   Gudelin Guerra

            21        Jesus Gregorio Guerra             Angela Barrera

            22        Jose M. Tovar                          Herlinda Martinez

            23        Juan R. Barrera                       Encarnacion Fernandez

            55        Juvencio Hinojosa                   Ramona Pena

            48        Luciano Garza                         Juana Pena

            52        Maximiano Garza                    Santos Gonzalez

            40        Octaviano Bazan                     Ysidora Ramirez

            44        Pedro Lopez                            Luisa Gonzalez

            57        Pedro Vasquez                        Alberta Garcia

            62        Pedro Bazan                            Merced Ramos

            8          Reyes Trevino                         Manuela Alanis

            35        Rumualdo Garza                     Santos Villarreal

            1          Salome Cardenas                    Santos Resendes

            9          Santos Limon                          Raquel Gonzalez

            56        Sostenes Ponce                       Rosario Garcia

            30        Silverio Hinojosa                     Ramona Ramirez

            71        Samuel Barrera                        Ana Garza

            17        Tomas Flores                           Tomasa Segovia

            68        Venancio Gonzalez                 Francisca Borrego

            6          Zacarias Rocha                        Guadalupe Zamorano

Ciudad Mier Dbre 31 1891

Luciano G. Garcia

Source: FamilySearch

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