Historical Mexican Timeline – Fechas Historicas de Mexico

Browsing throught the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library in Edinburg, Texas, I found a great little reference book titled Fechas Historicas de Mexico (Historical Mexican Dates) by Fernando Orozco Linares, printed in Mexico back in 1993 by Panorama Editorial. It Provides historical dates all the way from pre-Hispanic Mexico to all the way up to 1991.

Cover of Book:

It is a good book, but only if you have access to it. I did a search and I found the same timeline of Mexican history dates online and here is the link Fechas Historicas de Mexico and it is by the same author as the book. It is being maintained by the Facultad de Ingenieria de La Universidad de Queretaro. These links are no longer working, the online version was removed.

You can always search www.worldcat.org to find this book in a library near you.

This is a great resource to get a good historical context of your ancestors lifes in Mexico during their lifetime. The events in this book must have had touched every Mexican in one way or another.

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